Special Coverage Social Business Forum 2013

Social Business reduces gender discrimination

29 Jun,2013



General Manager of Grameen Bank Ms Jannat-E-Quanine says social business transforms the status of the poor women.


“The transformation starts from the bottom and ends up reducing social and gender discrimination”- she says at the Social Business Forum 2013 at North South University on Saturday.


She addresses the session ‘Breaking the glass ceiling, empowerment through social business’, a plenary session dedicated to the women.


Former Advisor to the caretaker government Rokia A Rahman chaired the program.  The other discussants of the session are Luna Shamsudoha , chair of Dohatec; Salma Khan, Former chairman of UN convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women CEDAW Mohua Rashid, country manager of ACCA. NSU faculty member Zarjina Taran Khalil moderated the session.


The Grameen Bank General Manager says, “the status of the women are distressing at the root level. They become self-sufficient taking micro-credit and engaging themselves in social business. Their financial solvency helps them send both the male and female child to school”.


“This is how the women are gradually getting empowered from the root level through income generation”, opines Ms. Jannat.


Women are becoming leaders taking part in social business activities from the grassroots levels, the speakers opine.