Special Coverage Social Business Forum 2013

Breaking the glass ceiling

29 Jun,2013



Women leaders believe someday all business will be social business, even if not today.


Speakers in the session ‘Breaking the glass ceiling’ at Social Business Forum 2013 expresses the hope.


Women leaders say women should be courage’s to take responsibilities in family, society and businesses.


Chair of the session and former advisor to the caretaker government Rokia A Rahman calls upon the women to set own examples.


“I lead the organization of 15 top brasses where I am the only woman”, Rokia A Rahman

The other discussants of the session are Luna Shamsudoha , chair of Dohatec; Salma Khan, Former chairman of UN convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women CEDAW Mohua Rashid, country manager of ACCA. NSU faculty member Zarjina Taran Khalil moderated the session.


The speakers say people think women can’t lead, but it is not fact.

“Start your venture with a good plan and that will lead you to success”, Mohua Rashid remarks.