Special Coverage Social Business Forum 2013

Academicians hopeful of immense possibilities of social business

29 Jun,2013



Eminent academic from home and abroad observe immense possibilities of Social Business in the academia.


“The idea of social business has attracted core attention of the academicians from a diverse academic background”, speakers say in plenary session on ‘Social Business in Academia’ at the Social Business Forum 2013.


Professor Abdul Hannan Chowdhury, Dean, School of Business, North South University moderated the session.


Professor Asif Nazurl of Dhaka University, Riaz Khan from AIT- Thailand, Dr. Ahkam ,  Dr. Cam Donaldson form Glasgow Caledonian University   and Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman of Dhaka University address the program.


Professor Chowhdhury says North South University started the academia and a number of universities around the world are following the academic module.


Professor Asif Nazrul says academician need to take steps to make the idea popular among the schools.


“The idea has counted great impression among the academic. The idea needed to spreaded”, says Professor Nazurl.


Professor Cam Donaldson shares his experience of introducing Social Business discipline in Glasgow .


“We have got the groundbreaking possibilities of the idea as people of Glasgow perceive it who have got the benefit from it”, says the Yunus Chair for Social Business and Health of Glasgow Caledonian University.


The speakers also focus on introducing the idea in the syllabus of public universities. They also share the complexities of introducing the new discipline.