Special Coverage Social Business Forum 2013

Charity and subsidy can’t reduce poverty

29 Jun,2013


Former advisor to the caretaker government Dr. Akbar Ali Khan says charity and subsidy can’t reduce poverty.


He makes the remark while addressing at the session ‘Poverty Reduction through Social Business’ at the Social Business Forum 2013 at North South University.


Speakers in the program say all poverty is not of same kind. Each problem needs special kind of approach and strategy.


“Social Business and Micro-Credit are types of solution to poverty. But social business is not the only solution to poverty”, the speakers remark.


The speakers emphasize on economic activities to reduce poverty.


“Professor Yunus has taken alternative approach to reduce poverty and his approach is social business”, remark the speakers.


Dr. Akbar Ali Khan criticizes the government for adopting subsidy and charity based approaches.


“There are some quarters who always love to take charity and subsidy for their own interest”, says the former advisor.