Special Coverage Social Business Forum 2013

Change economy for better future: Professor Yunus tells at Social Business Forum

29 Jul,2013


Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus calls upon the youth to consider their future. “Bangladesh is a beautiful country of plenty of resources”.

"I invite you to invest all your potentials and possiblities"

“Come up with leadership, especially intellectual leadership and create new ideas. But don’t move to the west branded as a poor country” ,the Nobel Laureate calls the youth.

He calls upon the society to celebrate the great achievement of Bangladesh to step ahead.  

He  addresses the Social Business Forum 2013 at North South University on Saturday.  

Professional Society for Social Business (PSSB) and North South University (NSU) jointly host the program.

Members of the Board of Trustees of North South University M A Hashem, Ragib Ali and Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Amin U Sarkar also address the program.


President of the PSSB Abdul Hannan Chowdhury thanks all the guests and participants of the program.

“We do not do business with poor but for assisting them, we carry the  business for social wellbeing . Social Business is approach to resolve the social challenges”, says the professor who is regarded as ‘banker to the poor’.


Professor Yunus says, ‘keeping poor in unemployment cycle is killing of their spirit. Charity destroys the people’s sprit though it is good thing for the people for the time being”.

The Nobel Peace Laureate shares the success stories of social business including of African countries.


People and countries around the world are getting much more interested about social business, said the professor.

He also shared the story of Social Business city which are now being implemented in Germany.


“Give a way to unemployed, sick, poor and even to a single mother- I can’t continue for long. So lets find out other ways to help them for long term effect. Then I read the book Social Business and got more interested about the Social Business concept”, he shared the story of the mayor of Social Business City of Germany, the city Wiesbaden.


“Today economy of the world is one stage, in which we have ranking. But is Bangladesh’s economy advancing? ”, the professor raises the question.

He put hopeful words and immense potential of Bangladesh’s economy.   

“Bangladesh is a lucky country; half of the populations are below 21 years. The young people are thinking about their future”.

“But our resources are also being wasted”, remarked the professor.