Special Coverage Social Business Youth Summit 2014

Panel discussion at SBYN 2014: speakers talk about business, money and taking risk

02 Jul,2014

Dhaka, July 02 (BdChronicle):

A panel discussion on ‘Social Business & Youth’ took place as scheduled. The discussion was moderated by Albaab Habib, who is a member of the Social Business Team at the Yunus Center.

“You try to make people live and be happy. How can we design business to solve the problem?” asks Ujal Ibrahim, one among the 4 speakers in the panel. Ibrahim is a lecturer at the Business School of North South University.

“Happiness is solving a problem in the community,” Ujal answers his own question.

Ujal thinks that misconception about social business has been a problem for the fresh entrepreneurs. “It is not a volunteering job!” Ujal exclaims. The entrepreneurs get a salary, he clarifies.

Ujal emphasised on following the principles of social business as laid down by Professor Yunus in his books.

Mustafizur Rahman Khan, Founder & Chief of Startup Dhaka, shared his experiences as an entrepreneur.

“Develop skills to be an entrepreneur. Decision and passion of the university students is important to be entrepreneur,” Khan advised. 

“Idea is not a business. One should produce and go to the market and find out what the stakeholders say about it,” Khan said.

Mustafizur Rahman Khan thinks Bangladesh, USA, and the UK are the biggest market for social business.

Khan does not put too much trust in the “education system.” Text books often contain information that are really old, he said. People can get updated information online.

“Don’t follow money, money will follow you,” Khan delivered the advise with such conviction it was believable.

AKM Shahidul Islam, the Chief Coordinator of the Social Business Youth Network Social Business informs the audience that SBYN work close with the Yunus Centre. They arrange workshops in Yunus center by experts to inspire in social business. Through the workshops the Yunus Center provides and helps the entrepreneurs to make well-organized business plans.

Joanna Klimczak stressed on engaging in community activities in school and getting involved in different activities. “Raise fund, make money, solve the problems,” said the young Canadian entrepreneur, who is the founder and Chief Executive Director of My Vision Global. 

“Social Business is a vision. Try and try, take challenges, and don’t be afraid,” Joanna said.