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Masters with Advertising Secrets at NSU

14 Jul,2015

Advertising masters Masud Imam and Razeeb Hasan with students and organizers were snapped after seminar

BdChronicle Special Report:

In today’s competitive world where brands have the enormous challenge to create a unique position in the mind of consumers, carefully created advertising can genuinely leverage a brand. But the questions marketers need to ask themselves- is promotion only to boost sales or to create a positioning for the product? How to attain the strategic sweet spot where advertising meets the need of client? How the creative ideas are born? What is the logical framework from ideation to execution of an advert? In an aim to enlighten the future business leaders of Bangladesh on these issues North South University Student Support and Engagement Committee organized a seminar entitled NECESSITY-IDEATION-EXECUTION: Learn Advertising Secrets from the Masters as part of a Marketing course, known as Promotional Management, offered by the Department of Marketing & International Business. The course coordinator Omar Nasif Abdullah, Lecturer, School of Business and Economics of North South University was the key person behind the event who planned, facilitated and hosted the seminar.The main idea of the event was to create an opportunity for the students to learn about the Client-Agency relationship and operational process through interacting with the industry icons from both ends.


Omer Nasif Abdullah, the facilitator of the seminar on Learn Advertising Secrets from the Masters, was delivering the welcome speech

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Dhaka Ice-cream Industries Limited, Shah Masud Imam was one of the two keynote speakers who talked about the Client’s perspective in advertising. From Agency’s side, Razeeb Hasan Chowdhury, Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Ogilvy and Mather Bangladesh explained their viewpoint, attitude, and work process in creating marketing communications programs.


Shah Masud Imam, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Dhaka Ice-cream Industries Limited, was presenting speeches on ‘Client’s perspective in advertising’


The event started with the Exhibition of print adverts that the students created. The print adverts were all fixated on stretching the brand POLAR Ice-cream, which is a pioneer ice-cream brand in Bangladesh owned by Dhaka Ice-cream Industries Limited. Both the guests looked around all the adverts and made their comments, questions, and appreciation for the efforts students have portrayed.

Formerly the human resources boss of the Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh and the now the COO of Polar Ice-cream, Shah Masud Imam hit the opening notes by sharing the gist of his career that spans for more than 20 years and working with bands like Coca-Cola, Fair & Lovely, Sunsilk, Standard Chartered Bank, Reckit Benkizer, Dan Cake, and few others.He then elaborated on the point that every marketer must have an antenna which should be sharp enough to catch the signals of the targeted customers. The habit of asking questions and discovering the answers stimulates the understanding of peoples’ mind and behavior, Masud says.


Razeeb Hasan Chowdhury, Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Ogilvy and Mather Bangladesh, was delivering his interesting speech and replying different queries of participants


Students were making questions to the advertising masters during answer-question session


Enthusiastic participants were asking different dimensions advertising to the guests

Mr. Masud stressed on the point that a brand, product, or service should have an integrated effort aligning with the company objectives. He therefore asked the future marketers to prioritize Strategic Focus, Brand Management, and Operational Excellence in order to make their marketing efforts successful. In his words, a brand should focus on one particular attribute or point and stick to it rather than creating a mess with multiple propositions. He exemplified his successful efforts in the positioning of Dan Cake in Bangladesh. He proclaimed, “Don’t throw too much to your consumers. Figure out what will settle their eyes”.


Shah Masud Imam, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Dhaka Ice-cream Industries Limited, was being handed over mementos


Key organizer and facilitator of seminar Omer Nasif handed over memento to Razeeb Hasan Chowdhury, Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Ogilvy and Mather


After the session of Shah Masud Imam, came the CCO of Ogilvy & Mather, Razeeb Hasan Chowdhury, one of the most sought after advertising geniuses in Bangladesh. The former creative head of Grameenphone with his usual charm began the session while he introduced himself as a stand-up comedian. He quoted David Ogilvy- “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible” at the beginning. The entire 25 minutes of his presentation was a striking demonstration of learning through fun.


An impressive print adverts generated by student was observed by the Operating Officer (COO) of Dhaka Ice-cream Industries Limited

Through his presentation, he focused on some key points. He asked the future marketers to “Stick to the Brief” which is extremely necessary in making advertising or any marketing communication content. He then went on explaining how coordinated efforts between several departments are necessary to conceptualize and execute a successful advertising campaign.


Two advertising masters were making comments on print adverts made by students

At a point of his presentation, Mr. Razeeb asked the students not to be so bothered about “HOW” to execute a marketing activity; rather he asked them to spend more time in deciding “WHAT” to communicate. He said, in compliance with the event theme, if the NECESSITY is not clear, if the IDEATION is not appropriate, and if the EXECUTION is poorly handled, things will go wrong.

The students along with other audience enjoyed the seminar and expressed their gratitude to the organizers. A student named Sabir Mahmud said, “This seminar is one of the most informative seminars I have ever attended and that too with these masterminds!”

The seminar was powered by The Marketing Club of North South University.Around 150 students and 10 faculty members attended the seminar.

Mr. Omar Nasif Abdullah handed over mementos to the guests and thanked everyone involved in making the seminar successful.

The session was followed by a series of selfies by the students with the guests. 


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