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Going Abroad Is Not a Brain Drain

06 Sep,2015


BdChronicle Special Feature (Habibur Rahman Ovi and Sanzida Zaman):

Bangladeshi graduates mostly leave their homeland to complete next level of education, and eventually settle into the countries of their choice. Education specialists term the trends as ‘Brain Drain’.

Graduates oversea countries like the USA, Canada and Germany for better life, more wealth and higher employment opportunities and who were undecided or even reluctant about leaving their home country, are now thinking about migrating.

Although many of educationist term the phrase ‘Brain Drain’ in a negative sense, a self-motivated enthusiasm talks about its prospects and possibilities along with the sense of returning back to homeland or working from any platform aiming to serve the country.  

While talking about a quotation ‘Spread across the World’ Workplace Skills Development Academy New Zealand (WSDA), founder vice president and Dean Ahmed Bari said, “When you will dare to dream, then you will obviously feel relax and an invisible confidence will be boosted inside you”.


“I wish, in next five years one million Bangladeshi graduates should migrate beyond the boundary, and it’s not a brain drain as I have returned my homeland and all of you guys will work for your society”, he wished while talking about his dream.

The comments came up while he was addressing a workshop at Bishwo Shahitto Kendro in the capital decorated by Youth Club of Bangladesh with the heading ‘Personal Skills Development Training’.

“Please!‘Think beyond the Boundary’, ‘Don’t bring your limitations while dreaming, think positively, Insha’Allah, all barrier will be gradually broken down”, Mr. Bari added. 

Addressing the participants he said, “Firstly categorize your demands, then identify your dreams, then fix a time frame, gradually try to recollect recourses and finally proceed aiming to touch your destination”.

“If you don’t know how to do it, learn how to do it; if you don’t have the resources, then plan how you can collect or arrange those; you can find out one way or another ethically despite you have thousand challenges if you really dare to dream”, he pronounced loudly.

“We must go abroad for the betterment of our beloved Bangladesh, but not to be a labor, but to be an intellectual, a high profile scholars aiming to serve the country as well as to promote world peace”, the life coach added.   

“We the Bengali may not be rich in goods, but we are good enough in nature and rich thinking will definitely push you towards the path of brightness, instead following short cut way to be succeed, just set your goal and boost a balance bridge between Dream and Demand along with being loyal to your values”, the Bangladeshi born coordinator added. 

“If you fall down, then face the challenge it with more powerful weapons – your skills, your confidence-- and never give-up”, he suggested.

He pointed out that in 21 century if you don’t know the life and workplace skill (generally named as soft skills), you will no longer be treated as an educated person. He also shared that our youth generation must have to learn and practice soft skills and with that they can smartly win the world not only with academic degrees.

By sharing his own life experience, he inspires the participants to believe “YES I CAN” and provided several tools to become successful.

He emphasized that we must transform ourselves with those tools so that success must become our regular habit.      

In the middle of the program, all the participants were suggested by other WSDA trainer Zannatun Eshita to write down their one BIG dream on the white paper and then they reshaped the paper into Aeroplanes and finally they flew their dreams in the open space.  

She suggested the participants to write down their perspective dreams along with strength and weak points on the white paper at home, as the practice will surely push every dreamer to work for it.   

Ahmed Bari also advised the attendants to write down all unfulfilled needs and dreams as these signals our weakness and gradually it hangs human memory and energy for enthusiasm.

The program was concluded with a very authentic suggestion addressed by Mr. Bari, “Prioritize your dream out of daily routine, Dream and Demands are different, bridge between the two sophisticated terms to meet your lovely destination”.   

Among others, Program Director Step Up Foundation Sabina Yasmin, Youth Club Advisor Mahbub Akter, youth club president, Arefin Rahman Himel, Youth Club secretary Sanzida Zaman, The Bangladesh Today feature expert Rakibul Hasan and students from renown instructions attended the program.  

When forming the training academy Workplace Skills Development Academy New Zealand (WSDA), he planned aiming to bring New Zealand seasoned trainers to Bangladesh and skill up the youth of Bangladesh for their better life.

For the last two years WSDA was working in Bangladesh and already conducted several life & workplace skills and nearly 6000 youth from different organizations including universities, colleges and schools were benefited from those trainings. He mentioned that unfortunately, still we are very reluctant to learn the soft skills when we are pursuing our graduation and that’s why those who migrated abroad always faced challenges getting high skill job.  

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