Special Feature

Top Iftar Joints in Banani and Gulshan

13 Jun,2016


Special Feature by Wafiur Rahman:


As we enter the sixth day of Ramadan, eating out has not reached the potential that it does. But it is expected to pick up very soon, as soon as the shopping spree commences. The upscale areas of Banani, Gulshan and other areas in proximity are already experiencing a wide range of Iftar delicacies.

Most of the food lovers are taking parcels of these delicious items, but for people who prefer to dine-in during Iftar, these are some of the top Iftar joints which are making good progress and are regularly swamped with diners on a daily basis already.


The best unlimited pizza offer in town, period. At Tk 850 (excluding VAT), this is a bargain, believe me. Offering six different types of pizza such as NY Cheese, Chicken Tikka, Sicilian Supreme and others, the service is pretty cordial and quick. But finding a table during Iftar is a war to begin with. They provide bottomless Pepsi inclusive in the price as well.

The Way

Dhaka’s newest exclusive boutique hotel is creating waves as per their hospitality, ambience and food. Their Iftar buffet is simply to-die-for. Serving a multitude of cuisines at Tk 2500++, you can expect more than forty classic Continental and Asian items which are more than just finger-licking good. Oh, did I forget to mention that their restaurant is situated on the 8th floor and is just next to the infinity pool?

Gloria Jeans

Many are deeming their platter as the best Iftar platter of this year. A platter for one costs Tk 550, but if you order two, it will cost you only Tk 880, including VAT. Nibbling delicacies include prawn tempura, fried rice, chicken Satay, chicken lollypop with coleslaw, a portion of Greek salad and others.

Rice & Noodles

You can find their signature dishes and more at Tk 899 per person. Please try the Beef Naga Curry, Firecracker Prawn and their Hakka Noodles along with the other items, you can thank us later.

Salam’s Kitchen

Try their Iftar plus dinner set menu. The usual Iftar items are accompanied with a plate of Morog Polao/Basmati Kacchi and Saffron Firni. Costing TK 590, it almost gives you the iftar and wedding dinner ambiance and taste, all in one.

Yellow Submarine

You have to try their platter, which has a Marinara hot dog, a savoury waffle sandwich, satay, fries, coleslaw and mangoes with waffle and Nutella – all for Tk 450. This is a must-try, they may be a dessert joint, but it is more delicious than you can imagne.


Try their ‘Very hungry Full Lobster Platter’. At Tk 1579, it may be an expensive platter, but I do not see any other restaurant serving fresh lobster for Iftar, comes with two salads, rice, chicken tenders, mint lemon shake, chocolate brownie and more.

Amari Dhaka

Their Amaya food gallery is providing Iftar buffet at Tk 3163++, where highlight items include the delicacies of Asia and Middle East, Arabic and Persian starters, assorted fresh juices and a selection of main courses. Guests can finish their meal with Arabic and Continental desserts, assorted traditional cakes and fresh fruits.

Baton Rouge

Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it. Their Iftar buffet followed by dinner is set at Tk. 1000 per head, where you can devour over 80 items, all from multiple cuisines. People waste a lot of food, take up a mountain of items they can rarely finish and still take some more – that is a sight to behold!

Smoke Music Café

Their Ramadan platter usually came with a portion of cheesy chicken pasta, but they have replaced it this year with Arabian rice (the agony!). Major props for them for retaining the price they had set two years back, it is still Tk 895, which includes butter, Cajun beef strips, mint yogurt, chocolate dates and more, all of them are sinfully delicious.

Gourmet Parathas Cafe

At Tk 499 (fine it is Tk 500, nobody gives you back one Taka in change), you can indulge in a moderate-sized Aloo-Paneer Paratha wrap, Achari Khichuri with chicken/beef Bhuna, Doi Chira, almond-stuffed dates and more. Do try them out.

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