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Road traffic accidents in April 2014: A close look at the reality of safety on the road

04 May,2014

Dhaka, May 04 (BdChronicle Special Feature):

The official website of the Roads and Highway Department of Bangladesh government has a nice banner on the homepage. The banner plays a slide show consisting of pictures of 4 highways. There is a picture of 8 lanes highway with proper road dividers. Another picture is a 6 lanes highway. Another picture is a 4 lanes highway, and another a 2 lanes road. Anyone who travelled across the country knows that most of these pictures are mythical. There are no 8 lanes highways anywhere in the country except the one place where they took that picture.

The mission of The Roads and Highways Department (RHD) is, according to its website, "to provide a safe, cost effective & well maintained road network." The RHD is headed by a Chief Engineer who is supported by a number of Additional Chief Engineers. The total number of posts in the Department is 9,369.


9 thousand 3 hundred and 69 people earn wages to fulfill one main responsibility: making the roads safe, so that people don’t die unnecessarily (one of those old fashioned things people still crave for, readers will be aware, undoubtedly). How well are they doing their job? The statistics are horrifying. The department that is devoted to “providing a safe…road network” doesn’t bother to maintain a record of road accidents on their website. It is understandable why when you look at the record.


Let’s look at the reported events of road accidents during the month of April. Not all accidents are reported nor we can take all the reported incidents into account. But we made an effort to include all reported incidents of serious traffic accidents. We primarily took data from the reports published in BdChronicle. The actual number of accidents is undoubtedly higher than the figure we have. Also we are not including causalities in train accidents, which have been numerous in the month of April alone. But any incidents of accident that relates to roads, highways, and motor vehicles accidents on the roads or highways were also considered and included as road accidents. Incidents like bridge collapse was considered road accidents as well, as bridges are built and maintained by the RHD. Also note, sometimes an accident under a date happened the day prior but reported the following day. The incidents are listed under the date they were reported. 

So, following is the number of causalities in accidents that happened and reported during the month of April 2014.


1 April: 5 dead, 10 injured

On 1st of April 4 people were ran over by a bus on the Dhaka – Kurigram highway in Lalmanirhat Sadar. All of them died. Among the 4 dead, 3 were family members. 9 other people were injured.


A woman named Mariam Begum, 56 years of age, was ran over by a “power tiller” at the Palli Bidoot area in Thakurgaon Sadar and died. Her Husband Sona Mia was injured and admitted to a hospital.


2 April: 5 dead

At least four pedestrians were killed in a road accident at capital’s Hazrat Shahjalal International airport area on Wednesday. The accident took place when a bus ran the pedestrians over after losing control.


A student was killed when his bike crashed into a moving truck at Manikganj’s Beutha area on Tuesday evening.The deceased was identified as AnanyaChowdhury, 22, a private university BBA student and resident of Betila village in Sadar upazila.


3 April: 4 dead, 3 injured

At least four people have died and three others injured in a bridge collapse at Borun village on Kapasia-Kaliganj road in Gazipur on Thursday morning.


4 April: 5 dead, 15 injured

2 persons were killed and 5 injured as a truck carrying stones flipped over in Boidanga Amerchara in Jhenaidaha.


A ‘Laguna’ car and a bus crashed face first into each other in the Sylhet – Fenchuganj highway and 3 people were killed. 10 people were injured in the accident.


5 April: 1 dead, 10 injured

A pedestrian was killed and 10 others injured in a road accident at Bogra’s Shibganj upazila on Saturday. The deceased was identified as AbdurRazzak.

Locals and witnesses said around 7.30am the accident took place at Mahastan Hajipara area of Shibganj upazila as a Dhaka bound ‘Romar Enterprise’ bus from Nilphamari lost its control.


6 April: 3 dead, 5 injured

A traffic police inspector was killed on early Sunday as a covered van hit him at Fakirhat in Sitakundaupazila.

2 people, including a police constable, were killed and 5 others injured as a prison van overturned on west side link road of the JamunaBridge at Mulibari in Sadarupazila on Sunday.


7 April: 2 dead

A man named AbulKashem, aged 60, was killed in a Sherpur road crashas a bus of ‘Shilpo and BanikSamity’ ran over Kashem when he was returning home from the town at about 9:30 pm, leaving him dead on the spot.

A schoolboy was run over by a truck in the Shikri village in Sadarupazil in Satkhira. The 8 years old child died instantaneously.


8 April: 4 dead, 1 injured

2 persons, including a child, died in two separate accidents in Sherpur. Abul Kashem, aged 50, died in an accident in Sadarupazila. He was ran over by a bus in Naohata. 10 years old child Muhammad Reedoy was killed by an auto rikshaw.

A madrasa student, Mahbubur Rahman, was injured after he got trapped under a loaded truck when it fell through the Bailey Bridge in Bashbuniya in Mothbaria in Pirojpur. The bridge collapsed as the truck tried to go over it. The 15 years old MahbuburRahman was later rescued and admitted to Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital.

2 persons, including a baby, were ran over and killed by a microbus in Ratanpur in Madahppur upazila in Habiganj. The driver of the microbus was arrested by the police.


9 April: 3 dead, 2 injured

3 people, including a police officer, were killed and two others injured in two separate road accidents in Sabujbagh and Banani areas in Dhaka the city early Wednesday. Two died in Shabujbag as a pick up van hit them. And the other person died when a speeding vehicle hit him on the Banani-Mirpur flyover under Cantonment Police Station.


10 April: 1 dead, 2 injured

A motorcyclist was killed and his two co-riders were injured as the vehicle they were riding rammed into a roadside tree at Goga Bazar in Sharshaupazila in Jessore on Thursday morning.

The deceased was identified as MarufHossain, 25, son of Shah Alam of Basatpur village of the upazila while the injured were ZahidHossain, 26, and Babar Ali, 25.


11 April: 3 dead

A man called Lablu died in area adjacent to the Tista Bridge as his motorbike skidded off the road and hit a tree. He died on the spot.


A 15 years old boy named Muhammad Tarek was ran over and killed by a pickup van in Bagdia, Sonaimuri in Noakhali.


10 years old Tanzina Sultana aka Ifsa was killed in front of the MAizdari Primary Teachers Training Institute in Noakhali as a battery powered ‘Easy Bike’ ran her over.


12 April: 9 dead, 21 injured

A young man was killed after falling from the roof of a running bus in Sharshaupazila of Jessore district early Saturday.

The deceased was identified as Tuhin,34, son of Sadek Ali, a resident of the area.


2 people were killed and another was injured as a motorcycle they were riding slewed sideways off a bridge into a canal at Karail village in Chhatakupazila of Sunamganj district on Friday night.

The deceased were identified as Masum,22, and Jony, 23, son of Babul Talukdar of Barkahon village in the upazila and the injured as Sayem.


At least six people were killed and 20 others injured when a bus plunged into a roadside ditch on the Dhaka-Rangpur Highway in Pirganjupazila early Saturday.


13 April: 6 dead, 27 injured

In Faridpur, a retired army official, Nasiruddin Sikder, 50, was killed and 20 others were injured in a road accident at Basantapur on Dhaka-Khulna highway at noon. The incident took place when a Dhaka-bound bus of ‘Bikash Paribahan’ from Faridpur hit a roadside tree after colliding with a motorcycle around 12:30pm, leaving bus passenger Nasiruddin dead on the spot and injuring the 20 others.

In Chapainawabganj, a minor boy was run over by a truck at the Sona Masjid Tower intersection in Shibganj upazila and died subsequently at the upazila health complex, where he was taken for treatment.


Three people were killed and three others injured as a CNG-run auto-rickshaw crashed into a tractor at Ebu company area in Companyganjupazila on Saturday night.

The deceased were identified as AlamgirHossain Mirza,30, auto-rickshaw deiver Habib,38 and Harun,25-all hailed from Companyganj upazila.


A woman was killed and four people were injured as a bus crashed into an auto-rickshaw at Paglapir in the city early Saturday.


14 April: 4 dead, 38 injured

Two people were killed and 13 others injured in a head-on collision between a bus and a pickup on Joypurhat-Bogra highway at PunatNandail in Kalaiupazila on Monday.
The deceased were identified as Shaheen, 22, driver of the pickup, and passenger Alal Sheikh, 38.


Two people were killed and 25 others injured as a night coach plunged into a roadside ditch at Mirzapur in Pakundiaupazila early Monday.


15 April: 5 dead, 4 injured

At least five people were killed and four others injured in a road crash at Chondra area under Kaliakoirupazila in Gazipur on Tuesday morning. The accident took place when a truck and a human hauler collided head-on.


16 April: 4 dead, 7 injured

Four people were killed and seven others injured in a head-on collision between a truck and a human-hauler on the Chapainawabganj-Sonamosjid Road in Shibganjupazila on Tuesday night.


17 April: 4 dead, 5 injured

4 passengers of a motor taxi scooter (commonly called a Tempoo) were killed and 5 injured in Shibganj in Chapainawabganj as a truck ran over the motor taxi scooter.


18 April: 6 dead, 6 injured.

At least four people were killed and five others injured when a truck rammed into a human hauler (Tempo) on the Dhaka-Tangail Highway in Kaliakoirupazila on Friday.
The deceased are Toyab Ali, 45, and Munshi Mia, 40, of ChandonishUpazila of Chittagong and JoinalAbedin, 35, Wahed Ali, 28, of Dhantara area under Dhamrai police station of Dhaka.


At least two people were killed in a road crash in Godagari upazila in Rajshahi on Friday morning. The deceased were identified as pick-up van driver Shahidul Islam and Farhad.

Locals and witnesses said the accident took place around 8.10am when a pick-up van rammed into a truck at Shabdipur in Godagari. One person was injured in the accident.


19 April: 2 dead

7 years old Leapee was killed at on the Mawa-Khulna road in Faridpur as she was ran over by a bus while crossing the road. The child died instantly on the spot.


An elderly man was killed in a road accident in Tengrartek, Rupganj in Narayanganj. The accident took place on the Asian Highway (bypass) route at 4:00 am.


20 April: 7 dead, 1 injured

26 years old youth Ismail Hossain Rabbani was ran over and killed by a truck right after he got thrown off of his motorbike in the Citygate area in Chittagong.


Abdul Hanna, aged 24, was killed in Atrai in Naogaon when a local public transport, locally called ‘Bhotbhoti’, crashed and flipped over.

26 years old Liton Sheikh was killed in Naimuri, Solonga in Sirajganj after falling from a running vehicle.

65 years old SakhinaBewa was killed in Sherpur, Bagura as she was run over by a bus.


A woman was killed on the road in front of the Army Stadium in Banani, Dhaka. She was found dead by the police.


A person named Shafi died and his wife Daisy was injured as the CNG auto they were riding in was run over by a truck.

A person died in the Kalirhut area as his motorbike lost control and fell into a ditch at 10:30 pm.


21 April: 2 dead, 2 injured

A 12 years old child named Suman was run over and killed by a tractor in Bakshiganj in Jamalpur.


One person was killed and 2 were injured as a truck ran over an auto rickshaw on Feni-Noakhali road in Feni. 


24 April: 2 dead, 3 injured

At least two people were killed and three others injured in a road accident in Dhaka on early Thursday.

Witnesses said the accident took place when a truck rammed into a CNG-run auto-rickshaw at Paltan intersection in the city.


25 April: 3 dead

3 persons named Abdul Alim, RowshanAra Begum, and Abdul Momin died in separate incidents of road accidents in Manikganj.


26 April: 7 dead, 10 injured

A 10 years old kid named Raihan was run over and killed by a tractor in Bholamari, Dewanganj in Jamalpur.


A 10 years old child Emon was killed when a bus hit a ‘tempo’ at the Ispahani intersection, Lalkhan Bazaar in Chittagong.


A construction worker named Mahabub Dafadar was killed on the spot when a construction vehicle crashed into a bus on PatharghataKakchida road in Barguna. 9 people were injured in the accident.


A person called Shafiur Rahman was ran over and killed by a bus in Kalihati, Tangail.


2 persons, including a child, died in Dhaka. 7 years old Mehdi Hasan was hit by an unidentified vehicle in Darus Salam, Dip Nagar and a man named Afzal Khan was hit and killed by a car in Tejgaon industrial area at the Nabisco area. The car that allegedly hit Afzal was arrested and the driver was apprehended by the police.


A woman named Kohinur Begum died in a road accident in Dighliya, Khulna when her motorbike hit a cow on the road and she was slammed onto the road. Her son was driving the motorbike. She died during treatment in hospital.


27 April: 3 dead

A 10 years old child construction worker named Shabooj was run over and killed in Ukilpara in Narayanganj. Workers later blockaded road and vandalized cars as protest.


2 persons were killed on the Feni-Noakhali road in South Kashimpur when a microbus was a motorbike collided head-on into each other.


28 April: 7 dead

2 persons were run over and killed by a bus in the Taltala are on Dhaka- Rangpur highway in Gaibandha. The deceased were Moslem Uddin and Alamm Mia from the same village.


A truck driver named Manirul Islam was killed when the truck and a bus crashed into each other in Shalikha in Magura.


2 persons on a motorbike were run over and killed by a bus on the Feni bypass of Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

2 more persons on motorbike were killed in Kumira, Sitakunda in Chittagong when they were run over by a truck.


29 April: 5 dead, 22 injured

Two labourers were killed and another was injured when a truck overturned near the Baily Bridge in Aftabnagar area in Dhaka on Tuesday.

The deceased were identified as Tobarak, 55 and NurulAlam, 32.


A Bus-truck collision killed 1 in Magura. 10 others were injured in the accident.


2 people, including a child, were killed and 11 others injured in a head-on collision between a covered van and a human hauler (Leguna) on the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway in the city on Tuesday morning.


30 April: 2 dead

A 13 years old child named Muhammad Choton was run over and killed by a truck at the Ghanadham Bazaar area in Chakaria, Cox’s Bazaar.


A woman named Shahana Akhtar aka Shima was killed in Patuwakhali, Barisal when a bus hit her motorbike.


A total of 114 were killed in the accidents in April 2014. A total of 204 people sustained injury. That is over 3 deaths and 6 injuries each day on average.

If these people had died in political violence (and were lucky enough to be on the right side of the political spectrum) there would be much more talking about them. 114 people dead in 30 days and it is not a subject that has entered our public discourse! Also let’s not forget that among 204 injured people many will carry permanent mental and physical damages.

The statistics always become just another number. To demonstrate the enormity of the situation we want to do something different here. The following graphic depicts 114 bodies. The idea is to create a consciousness about the magnitude of the destruction of lives and hopefully gain a somewhat proper sense of the severity of the problem.




Road traffic accidents April 2014 graphic



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