The other day at Korail slum, a different story

14 Sep,2013


BdChronicle Feature-


On Friday 13th September, there was a cleanup of Banani Lake along with a public art installation at the Korail Slum waterfront at Gulshan by artist and photojournalist Susie Taylor with her partner, Jason Motlagh. Korial slum and the Banani lake is often neglected by the people living outside the boundary and the lake clean up was a stand against water pollution while the art installation at Korail was a celebration of the hard working Bengali woman, and their struggle for socio-economic justice.



The program started at 9.30 am and continued till 1.30 pm. Such an exhibition is rare in Bangladesh and the participating youths were very much enthralled by this initiative.



Since early 2013, artist and photojournalist Susie Taylor has been reporting on the Bangladeshi garment industry with her partner, Jason Motlagh. Taylor brought the Inside Out project to Bangladesh because of the inherent tension inside the Bangladeshi garment industry. The prints are done on PVC plastic rather than traditional paper and wheat-paste to add utility to the environment, and avoid adding to the solid waste that is already a burden for those living in Korail.  The completed exhibit is owned by the community and at any point during its lifetime the community can use the plastic sheeting for insulation, waterproofing, etc




“Creative collaboration drives sustainable investment. I believe that empowering women will help heal humanity, and right now women in Bangladesh should be acknowledged for the strength they've brought to this important industry”, said  Susie Taylor.



The Banani Lake is logged with numerous waste products and is often the dumping ground for the apathetic. The lake cleanup was a simple initiative to give some life back to the water. It was also to create awareness among citizens and the concerned authorities that not temporary rather permanent steps should be taken to ensure that the water in the lake stays clean and healthy thus leading to a pollution free water life.


The program was supported by Photography Department of Counter Foto, the international platform of photographers and activists, to install a public art installation with world-renowned artist JR and global Inside Out Project. The interactive exhibition was installed in collaboration with JAAGO Foundation and around 50 volunteers participated at the cleanup and exhibition.



The Feature is contributed by Muntaka Nusrat Khan, doing her undergrad in Legal Studies and an activist for social causes. Currently she is the Vice President of Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD), Dhaka District.

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