Govt issues 12-point guidelines to protect earthquake damage

27 Apr,2015


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Amid frequent tremors over the last couple of days, the government on Monday issued a 12-point guidelines for protecting lives and property from earthquake damage.
The government advised the people not to panic if earthquake hits and take shelter beneath the table, desk or any hard furniture covering the head with pillow.
People must stay away from the kitchen switching off the gas stove.
School students must take shelter beneath hard furniture keeping school bag on head.
If anybody stays outside home, he or she must maintain distance from electric polls, high rise buildings and trees. He or she should take shelter in open space.
The government advised those who will be in garment factories, hospitals, shopping malls or cinema halls not to crowd the entry points for getting down, rather should sit down on their respective positions keeping hands on their heads.
People living in high rise buildings must avoid lifts during the earthquake, and all must keep radio, torchlight and primary aid at home or offices. 
The government also advised all to build houses maintaining building codes.

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