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06 Nov,2013

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Bangladesh’s NKSOFT President, Mr. John Sakhawat Chowdhury, nominated as Top Energy Expert in Texas, USA


His lifelong personal pledge to help businesses work better for the benefit of everyone is often on his mind, but for this global business leader and Dhaka native, Bangladesh is always in his heart.


'I love my home… I have traveled the globe building businesses and helping people succeed, I love doing it, yet my soul always stays connected to the people and places I love in my beautiful home country – Bangladesh.'


This humble statement of love was uttered by Mr. John Sakhawat Chowdhury as he sat in London’s Heathrow airport while on one of his many international business trips across the globe. But, don’t think he is all business, all the time. The honorable Mr. Chowdhury is also a devoted family man, he believes family is everything.

Each of those international business trips always include time with his family.


The great thing for everyone else is that our friend Mr. Chowdhury extends his love of family to the whole world. His “HELP Foundation USA”, a non-profit organization, operates on the premise that improving the healthcare and economy of a people lowers poverty – for themselves and for the broader economy.

'Every good deed done, act of philanthropy, or simple gesture of giving can make a difference' is a core belief at his firms.


The mottos on hanging banners at his Bangladeshi business offices reflect these basic principles and have slogans for his home-based team to study. He has assembled a fantastic hometown team of superstars acquired through diligent effort to recruit from within Bangladesh. Encouragements like “Team Work = Success”, “HELP Each Other”, and “Innovation, Integrity, Intensity” adorn the banners and surround the team as they go about their work of running the many businesses and charities of Mr. Chowdhury’s worldwide organizations.


At the time of this article, Mr. Chowdhury secured the deal on a multi-year $65M Smart Grid project at a New Mexico, USA utility that provides electricity, including broadband services, to 27,000 rural electric customers.


Just like everyone, everywhere, rural customers want the latest services available to the larger metro areas. Projects like this one, bringing services to isolated customers to make their lives better, are one of the ways Mr. Chowdhury tirelessly works and strives to fulfil the pledge he made so long ago as a young man observing life in his home land.


It is also one of the reasons he is recognized by the global utility industry as a visionary leader and business driver in Texas, New Mexico, Bangladesh, and the world. This nomination from his peers and industry insiders shows the impact Mr. Chowdhury’s efforts have when he is engaged in fulfillment of his young man’s pledge.


As a purpose-driven young man of 16, John Sakhawat Chowdhury, ventured out from his home country in 1981 to pursue additional higher-level studies in the USA. After successfully completing his Bachelor of Sciences degree in Management Information Systems at the University of Tulsa, he went on to the University of Texas for his master’s studies. Through his hard work and dedication to this university’s “Masters in Business” program, known worldwide for its excellence in turning out top performers, this young John Chowdhurybe earned a Masters of Business Administration degree in Business Management.


By blazing new trails of innovation and success in his subsequent business pursuits, Mr. Chowdhury came to the attention of the major global accounting, technology, and consulting firms operating in the USA early on in his career (e.g. Price Waterhouse, Coopers & Lybrand, Ernst & Young, Accenture, and IBM). The great work he accomplished delivering business services while engaged in doing work at these prestigious firms has made him an iconic leader in the Smart Grid/Utility and ICT business industry sectors around the world.


Mr. Chowdhury is well known for his remarkable creativity and unique capacity for innovation in designing better ways to serve customers in both of these industries.


Most recently, over the last several years, Mr. Chowdhury, in his service as Director and Leader of the Utility Industry Practice at FUJITSU and President of NKSoft, has been on “a global mission to bring the best practices in Smart Grid and ICT back home to apply in Bangladesh.


He candidly reports, 'I’m getting 4 hours sleep at night, but that’s okay, my heart is in it all. That’s the best way to stay motivated and be of best service, put your heart into it.' He has even used the national Bangladeshi bird, the Magpie, in product designs to help keep the mission alive in his creations.


In past roles too, as Senior Vice President of Smart Grid at Energy Gird Networks, Vice President/Principal at IBM Global Energy Services, and Chief Technology Officer at Dallas based NetKnowledge Technologies, and throughout his career, the honorable Mr. John Sakhawat Chowdhury has found ways to have impact.


He co-founded the Center for Utility Innovation with the U.S. White House office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). 

He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Communications Society.


As well, he serves on many boards and heads programs in significant roles as:

Board member of the Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) Smart Network Council.

Advisor to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Technology Innovation Board.

Advisor to the University Of T­­­­ulsa Masters of Energy Program.


In addition, Mr. Chowdhury, is continuing to be recognized for his global connections here in Bangladesh and in the USA through his roles as President of the American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects (AABEA), President of the Bangladeshi Association of North Texas, and President of the Association of SARC country residents in North Texas.


He also served as an advisor to the American State Department, South Asian Foreign Affairs Office.

And has been nominated as one of the World’s Top 20 consultants in 2013 by Consulting Magazine published in New York.

Overall, Mr. Chowdhury has spent over 25 years holding leadership positions in the industry and advancing the cause for the Utility Innovations of the Future within Smart Grid and within ICT. Not surprisingly, he been noticed and recognized for his efforts along the way.


As when he speaks for his love of country, he express how humble he feels when accepting these awards and positions, he knows the recognition helps his cause in the pursuit of his dream to make businesses work better for the benefit of everyone.

He knows it is all important to be gracious and humble.


The strong sense of gratitude and appreciation he feels at being nominated as a Top Energy Expert in Texas runs deep and intersects nicely with his plans to build a bridge between nations, economies, and people. He doesn’t want to wait, he says, he will not stop, but will continue to be engaged with the business world each day to do what he can do to make businesses better.


As words to the wise, John Sakhawat Chowdhury has advice for young Bangladeshi leaders and entrepreneurs trying to make a difference, 'Stay focused on the mission, stay with it and keep it in your heart because everything else will take care of itself if you can.


Across two decades and multiple continents, Mr. Chowdhury has collaborated with government agencies, as well as public and private organizations to design, secure funding for, and build, the latest generation of energy infrastructure (Smart Grid) and information and communications technologies (ICT).


The next leap forward for this dynamic and engaging business leader begins now as his NKSoft Bangladesh Limitedcompany and itsUSA based affiliate companies will introduce a new product, iMeet.Biz on the 18th of December 2013 at the Westin, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mr. Chowdhury believes that iMeet.Biz will open a new era in collaborative communications.


The Feature is contributed by Umme Mahbuba who has been graduated from Asian University for Women (AUW). She is a US State Department Alumni and Software Analyst by profession


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