Middle East on top in sending remittance to BD

20 Nov,2015

Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Bangladeshi expatriates living in the Middle East and Gulf region continued to hold the top position in sending remittances to the country.

According to Bangladesh Bank statistics, the country received a total of $5.032 billion in remittance from different countries of the world in the first four months (July to October) of the current fiscal year 2015-16.

Of the amount, highest $2.878 billion came from Middle East and Gulf region while the rest $2.153 entered the country from other regions.

In the fiscal (2014-15) ending in June, Bangladesh received a total of $15.316 billion in remittance of which $9.072 billion came from Middle East and Gulf region while $6.244 billion from rest sources.

The country-wise statistics show the highest remittance of US$1.025 billion came from Saudi Arabia during the July-October period.

Saudi Arabia is followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as Bangladeshi wage earners in this Gulf country sent $898.93 million in the four months.

Of the other Middle East and Gulf countries, Bangladeshis remitted $337.98 million from Kuwait, $310.06 million from Oman, $180.86 million Bahrain, $118.14 million from Qatar, $7.69 million from Libya and $0.06 million from Iran.

The USA has been on top of the list in sending overseas remittance from the Bangladeshi wage earners as Bangladesh received $859.78 million from the country during the last four months.

Malaysia has been in the second position in this regard as Bangladeshis in the East Asian country sent $438.06 million.

Among the other countries, $278.88 million came from the United Kingdom, $124.53 million from Singapore, $120.90 from Italy, $25.46 from Italy, $18.09 million from South Korea, $8.15 million from Hong Kong $7.45 million from Germany and $5.67 million Japan.

Meanwhile, about $257.15 million remittance entered Bangladesh from some other countries.


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