Mass demonstration in front of UN protesting execution of SQ Chy and Mujahid

23 Nov,2015

MdAbdur Rahim from New York:


Bangladeshi expats, mostly supporters from BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami parties, staged a mass demonstration in front of the UN headquarters in New York protesting execution of two senior opposition leaders on Sunday.


The demonstration continued for nearly two hours starting from the noon amid shivering cold. The protesters also offered special prayers, Gaybana Janaza, following the demonstration.


Opposition leader Salah Uddin Quader Chowdhury, also Member of the Standing Committee of BNP, the highest committee of the party; and Ali Ahsan Muhammad Mujahid, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami party also former Social Welfare Minister of Bangladesh; were executed on early hours of Sunday, Bangladesh time.


Speakers in the demonstration said Bangladesh government had tried to clamp down the dissidents through judicial killings.


“There were serious legal flaws in the proceedings of the tribunal since it’s beginning. We are shocked but we have to say the tribunal has failed to redress the scars of the 1971 by executing their political opponents through internationally decried legal misconducts ”, said president of Coalition of Bangladeshi American Associations, Abdullah Al Arif.

Muslim organizations from New York expressed solidarity with the Bangladeshi expatriates. Executive Director of the Islamic leadership Council Mr. Cheikh Ahmed Sidi Mbareck said, “We urge Bangladesh government to restrain from killing its own citizens and ensure justice for maintaining peace in the society”.


A number of community organizations, rooted in Bangladeshi diaspora, also expressed solidarity in the demonstration.


They said Bangladesh had again witnessed execution through farcical judgments, which would more deepen the crisis in the South Asian country.


Speakers urged the United Nations to settle the confrontation in Bangladesh ensuring a democratic way out.


Over hundreds of female activists were also seen in the protests.


Mr. Hasib who lives in Los Angeles, while talking to the reporter, said, “ we have joined the protest to consolidate our support that we love our country and we have a duty that justice prevail in Bangladesh”.


“Bangladesh had a historic shift in 1971. What happened to the Bangladeshis at that time is utterly despicable but Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman settled the matter through the historic Shimla pact by releasing 195 identified war criminals. The reason the two opposition leaders, who were also once allies to the incumbent Prime Minister, are now executed as a realization of political vendetta”, he added.


Speakers also said the Jamaat-e-Islami leader has been executed in a bid to root out the leadership of the moderate and the largest Islamist party in Bangladesh.


Attending the program, president of Human Rights and Development for Bangladesh (HRDB) Mr. Mahtab Uddin Ahmad said, “We love Bangladesh and we love to see the country make headway towards development. However, the human rights record is at its lowest point now, which has shaken the pillars of a diversified society. The government decision to execution with controversial proceedings will further deteriorate the future towards democracy.”


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