OIC Summit: Dhaka for unity to restore peace, stability

13 Apr,2016


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Bangladesh has called for unity and solidarity among Muslims countries under the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to bring back justice, peace and stability for the Ummah addressing all the challenges.

“Member states have an immediate duty to address challenges. For that, we need unity and solidarity,” Foreign Minister Mahmood Ali said while addressing the foreign ministers’ meeting of the 13th Islamic Summit Conference in Istanbul, Turkey on Tuesday.

He said terrorism and violent extremism, major humanitarian crises, Islamophobia, climate change impacts and poverty are hurting the Muslims. “Muslims are suffering from injustice, indignity and deprivation. We’re often divided, weakened and exhausted in fratricidal civil wars and sectarian conflicts,” said Ali.

Although, the Muslim countries constitute more than a quarter of the world’s nations and have the world’s strategic resources, their voices at the world stage is rather weak, he observed.

“Our internal feuds are drawing the entire Middle East and beyond into conflict only to the advantage of our detractors. Elsewhere, Muslim minorities like the Rohingyas in Myanmar continue to be victims of injustice and denial of rights,” Foreign Minister Ali said.

He recalled the statement of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the second OIC Summit, when he called for unity and solidarity within the Ummah and also in every sphere of social life. “We also need determination to act and act strategically.”

Ali hoped that they would be able to jointly find the way forward and unite for peace, stability, sustainable development and social justice, according to Foreign Ministry here.

The Foreign Minister said all must continue to build international opinion in favour of the Palestinian people. “For resolving differences within the OIC, perhaps we need an OIC mediation and conflict resolution group to function at all tracks.”

He said Bangladesh is ready to add value there with its experience of making, keeping and building peace. “We must continue to show ‘zero tolerance’ to terrorism and violent extremism and address their root causes.”

Bangladesh favours concrete OIC initiatives and joint projects under the OIC 2025: Programme of Action to eradicate poverty and accelerate the pace of development of the Ummah.

Bangladesh welcomed the establishment of the Islamic Organisation of Food Security (IOFS) and called for its early launching.

“To stem Islamophobia, we emphasise criminalising hate campaign, engaging politically with non-Muslim countries, using media and inter-faith dialogue,” Foreign Minister Ali said.

The Summit began on Sunday under the theme of ‘Unity and Solidarity for Justice and Peace’ with senior officials adopting the agenda. Foreign Ministers meeting ends on Wednesday.

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