Look flawless in summer!

11 May,2016


BdChronicle Lifestyle:

Summer is here and so is the merciless humidity with the blazing heat. Makeup starts to melt the moment we step out in the sun. Oily skin looks glowy and the colours make the face feel warmer. But that can’t hold us from looking flawless. Here are some tips to summer-proof your makeup routine. 

•    Prep your face well.
Start with cleaning your face with a mild face wash and moisturize. Many often neglect moisturizer in summer thinking the skin will get greasy. But moisturizer is essential for fighting skin damage and preventing wrinkles. There are plenty of noncomedogenic formulas that won’t clog your pores. If you have oily skin, then look for a hydro-based formula. Once your face has absorbed the moisturizer well, reach out for your primer. Primer helps you apply your make up smoothly and keeps your make up in place. A mattefying and long stay formula will the best bet for summer.

•    Lighten up the base
The key to summer friendly make up is keeping it light. Heavy makeup regimes like contouring or baking are great but rather out of place during these sunny and humid days. Instead, it is all about the bare natural look. Opt for a BB cream instead of a full coverage foundation. The BB cream will even out your complexion without making your face go cakey. For added skincare, go for the ones with SPF in them. Use a congealer to cover up the small imperfections and blemishes. Swipe on some loose translucent powder to hold everything in place.

•    Less is more
Summer is the time for bright colours and there is a way of incorporating them in to a minimalistic look. Thanks to the humidity, make up can crease, melt and get cakey very easily. To avoid that try to keep the products minimum.

Skip the eye shadow as it will crease. Go for a colourful kohl instead. Cool tones like cyan, teal, or cobalt will make for a vibrant look.  For a muted look, line your eyes with smudge proof kohl in black or brown. Don’t forget a coat of waterproof mascara.

If you are playing up your eyes then keep the lips simple. A swipe of tinted balm will go perfectly with some bold eyeliner. If you want to play up the lips and keep your eyes simple then make sure your lipstick is matte and long lasting.

Cheek stains are great for a hint of colour but avoid powder blushers and bronzers at any cost.

•    Avoid illuminating products
The illuminating particles in primers and powders reflect light and make the face look shiny. It is great for a dewy look in winter but in summer it starts to glow. So toss out the primer, foundation, translucent powder that has illuminating properties and bring in the matte or satin finish.

Another no go is shimmer for the same reason. Highlighter can be used as great tool for defining the bow bone, sharpening the nose or making the cheeks pop. The key to highlighter is subtlety. Use it sparingly with a light touch and you are good to go. But avoid highlighter all together if you have oily skin.

•    A setting spray
Although it seems too much for everyday look but a setting spray can be a life saver during the summer. A small spritz will keep your make intact for hours. Carry the bottle in your bag and use every time you touch up.

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