Don't let Monsoon Rain on your parade

28 May,2016


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Monsoon is the season of romance for us Bengalis. The melody of the rain drops will always hold a spot in our hearts but even the most romantic ones have to prepare for the uncertain drizzle and muddy roads. Dhaka streets are not the easiest and the monsoon makes it even harder. Here is a quick guide to gear up for the rainy season:-

Light fabrics are your best friend. Cotton is our undoubtedly favorite for summer but for the rainy days, we need something that dries fast. Polyester and nylon blends, chiffon, linen and even silk can be good choices. Avoid heavy material like denim or corduroy. Synthetic tights with flowy tunics or kurti are very practical and look chic too. Selwar kamiz with these materials will be good options too.

If you like wearing pants to work then try to avoid wearing jeans. Jeans take forever to dry and stains easy. Capris on the other hand can be rather monsoon friendly. For a more formal alternative, culottes that stop above ankles can be a great choice too. If you are wearing formal pants, make sure the material is wrinkle-free and dries quickly.

Protect your belongings inside a waterproof bag. Bags made of waterproof material in bright neon colours are very in right now. They are also available in transparent variety. You can simply put your usual handbag inside the transparent one and you are good to go.

Avoid wearing real leather, faux leather or velvet shoes. The mud can be nightmare for your favourite footwear. Flipflops and rubber wedges are fun and trendy. But it is always a good idea to keep a formal pair at office for the impromptu meetings.

Get your phone a waterproof screen protector and back cover. You will thank yourself for this.

Be careful about your make up. The rain can make your mascara or eyeliner run and make you look like a cast of Walking Dead. Make sure your all your make products are waterproof and seal everything in with a good setting spray.

Moisture is the worst enemy for your precious jewelry. Pick out one or two minimal pieces like studs and rings and leave the statement piece at home. Don’t like to be toned down? Multi-strand beads necklaces are cheap enough to replace after a few wear and look good almost any outfit. Wear a colour that contrasts your outfit and you are set.

This cannot be emphasized enough- carry an umbrella. Your umbrella is best protective gear from the rain and also can double as a great fashion accessory. Pick one that is easily collapsible and fits your style. You can go for bright bold colours or cute patterns. No matter which one you like, don’t leave the house without an umbrella.

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