NSU MBA Club holds ‘Follow Your Passion’

31 May,2016


Dhaka, BdChronicle (Wafiur Rahman):

Finding out where our passion lies is often misguided. Overworked hobbies are mistaken for passion, but therein lay the beauty of it. Finding out what it is for every individual and striving to work on something passionately is a feeling that cannot be described for those who never experienced it.

As people find a hard time finding out where their passion lie, North South University’s MBA Club held a seminar titled ‘Follow Your Passion’ on Sunday, where four established individuals from different walks of life shared what they are passionate about, how they pursued it and how others can learn from those.

The speakers were Zubuyer Kaolin, CEO of Ogniroth Studios, Rubaba Dowla, chief services officer at Airtel Bangladesh Ltd, Amitabh Reza, director and producer at Half Stop Down Productions and Max Mystel, magician and stand-up comedian.

‘I believe you should always follow your passion’, said Rubaba Dowla, ‘because passion never fails. You must constantly strive to push yourself higher to attain that passion everyone searches for’.

‘Learning has no structure,’ said Zubuyer Kaolin, who realised this when he went through this phase of discovering what he yearned for. His love for science fiction propelled him into the world of animation. He mentioned how observation is the key to finding one’s passion. Once they like something and do not find it monotonous, however repetitive it may be, is the moment they realise their true calling.

Passion does not stop, according to renowned director Amitabh Reza. As long as it is something that excites and mesmerises you, it can be considered as a passion. He considered his search for knowledge, aesthetics and practice as the key essentials to sustaining his passion of being an artist.

Although he confesses that he is yet to deliver his best work, he constantly strives to look into understanding the past so that he can present something for the future. He has a long way to go, he believes, as there is no success or failure when it comes to passion.

The last speaker, Max Mystel, has mastered two things he is passionate about – magic and comedy, a rare combination and an admirable feat. He talked about how a magician showed him a card trick while he was at school in Saudi Arabia. Since then he knew what he wanted to do, and will continue to do so in future.

Among others, M Mahboob Rahman, dean and professor of NSU school of business and economics, Mokhdum Morshed, adviser of NSU MBA Club and more were present during the occasion.

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