Not so common uses of egg shells

04 Jun,2016


BdChronicle Life Feature:

What do you do with egg shells after you have taken its golden contents out? Toss them to the bin? Don't do it the next time you are using them in your kitchen as they can be put to a number of unbelievable uses. Find out.

-Wash them with hot water and leave them to dry in sun. Powder them and store in air tight container. Use as calcium powder. If you are wary of taking it yourself, you can add in pet food to boost your furry companion's calcium intake.

-To keep away lizards, scatter egg shells in places infested by these creepy crawlies

 -Traditionally shell membranes were applied on cuts to heal wounds quickly. Why not use them as a natural anti-septic now?

-Use pointed edges of egg shells to draw black heads out. As it dries, it makes it easier to pick the black heads.

-Sprinkle egg shells powder in your garden to keep pests like snails and ants away.

-Use them as manure and watch your plants blossom!

-To keep your white clothes maintain their shine, add 2 tsp egg shells powder in the bucket along with some washing powder and soak them overnight.

-Sounds a bit weird, but if you love both coffee and eggs, boil egg shells with coffee to do away with the bitterness.

-Break egg shells in large pieces and colour them. Scatter them in your plant pots for a pretty-peppy look.

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