Eid shoppers hit markets this time a bit early

17 Jun,2016


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Preempting hectic rushes for eid shopping, many people have already started exploring the city markets a bit early this time.

Visiting different shopping centres over the last couple of days, this UNB correspondent found many buyers and visitors of different ages picking eid gifts for their near and dear ones.

Sharmin Akhter Tuly, a Dhaka University student, was shopping at Dhanmondi Hawkers Market on the 5th Ramadan for her family as the university is on a vacation and she has decided to leave Dhaka for her village very soon.

“I’ll leave the city as early as possible. So, I’ve come to buy dresses for me and my family members before leaving the city. I won’t get such huge collections at our village shopping centers. So, I’m visiting different shopping centres to buy clothes,” she said.  

Sumiya khatun, a housewife, was visiting Chadni Chak Market in New Market area for Eid shopping.

Asked whether it was not a bit early for Eid shopping, Sumiya said that it is very difficult to shop at the eleventh hour as all malls will be crowded then.

“I’ve come here a bit early to avoid the unexpected crowd.  After the 15th Ramadan, the roads will be clogged with vehicles. It’ll be tough to visit shopping centers and malls if one is fasting,” she explained.     

Rima Haque, a university student, was visiting Dhanmondhi Hawkers Market which is famous for saree and lehenga.

“I’ve to shop early as I’ll buy some dresses for my family as well as relatives.  I can easily choose and visit different shops in the market for sorting out the best. I’m getting enough time to match my ornaments according to my dress,” said Rima.

Shafiqul Islam, proprietor of Bashundhara City’s Creative Fashion, which sells imported women’s wears, noted that most of their customers are young women.

“The crowd increases right after iftar. The sale in the early Ramadan is not bad compared to the usual sales. It’s satisfactory. It’ll increase after some days,” he said.

Besides the readymade clothes, people are also buying fabrics without colored boarder.

Jamal Mian along with his wife and daughter were visiting the wholesale market at Chadni Chak to buy some fabrics to be tailored ahead of the eid.

Jamal noted that if he does not buy the cloth early, tailors will not get time to make dresses. “This is a very busy time for them (tailors). Even some tailors won’t be able to take the new order at the latter period of Ramadan,” he said.

His wife Shirin Akhter added, “Once we used to have our dresses done by tailors every year. Readymade dresses sometimes don’t suit. So, it’s wise to revert to buying pieces of cloths early in the Ramadan to have our dresses ready before eid.”

Umme Binte Nushrat, a private university student, told UNB at Karnaphuli City Garden that it is better to visit the markets as early as possible as one gets  new items and new collections at that time.

“We get enough time to choose our colour properly, measure our size according to body shape. Towards the end of Ramadan, we won’t even get any space to move properly in shopping centres,” she added.

A salesman at a shop of Mouchak Market said people have started buying dresses for the eid even before the Ramadan.

There are women who buy several dresses for eid and they need to start shopping early for matching the colour according to their ornaments, he added.  

The shops of the malls have already been decorated. Even some shopping centers started discount sales or giving lottery coupons for the sales to attract the customers.

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