Ramadan Delicacies

18 Jun,2016


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Eating out for Sehri has become a recent trend but if you care about your health then eating home is the best options. At the same time, we have to admit, not all of us have the energy to cook after fasting and working all day. There is a great solution that is both healthy and requires zero cooking. In our previous articles we have mentioned again and again the goodness of oats in Sehri. It is a great source of complex carbs and supplies you fuel throughout the day. The best way to eat oats for Sehri, in our opinion, is the overnight variety. Overnight oats is the simplest form of health food. Mix everything in a jar, fridge overnight and eat. Here are some healthy and mouthwatering overnight oats recipes.

Superfood oats: This is a basic overnight oats that you can top up with super healthy mix of dry fruits and nuts right before you eat.

Peanut butter Cups Oatmeal: This recipe tastes like our favourite candy Reese’s Peanutbutter cups. What can be better than eating a Sehri that tastes like candy but also keeps you energetic all day?

Carrot-cake oats: This has to be one of my most favourite things to eat. It brings out the amazing flavours of fresh carrot and cinnamon and makes it better with the cream cheese.

Overnight oats with chicken:  Don’t like sweet oatmeal for Seheri? Try this great savoury alternative. You can adjust the spice level according to taste and customize by substituting chicken with prawn or cooked beans.

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