Bus services halted in different districts

03 Aug,2018

Dhaka, BDchronicle:
Bus owners and workers today suspended transport services in different districts since this morning citing safety of the workers and vehicles due to the ongoing student movement demanding safe roads in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country.

In Dhaka, very few buses were plying the roads after students took to the streets and staged demonstrations for the last five days demanding safety on the roads and justice for their two fellows who were killed in a tragic road accident at Airport Road in the capital on Sunday.

Some long-route buses left Dhaka last night but no buses left from the bus terminals in the capital since this morning for safety reasons, Faruk Talukder Sohel, chairman of Bangladesh Bus Truck Owners’ Association, told the BDchronicle .

“We hope the transport services will be available after normalcy returns to the traffic situation,” he added.

Abdur Rahim Box Dudu, senior vice chairman of Bangladesh Road Transport Workers’ Federation, told The BDchronicle that the bus owners and workers in different districts halted their transport services fearing lack of security as some vehicles were vandalised by agitating students in different areas.

“It is not a formal strike from the association,” he said.

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