DMP chief ask protesters to return to classrooms

04 Aug,2018


Police will begin observing traffic week from Sunday taking ‘tough line’ on violators of traffic laws and ensuring enhanced punishments for offences taking into consideration the spirit of the ongoing students movement against anarchy in transport sector.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia made the announcement at a news conference on Saturday.

He thanked the students for performing the heavy tasks which police failed to do. ‘We salute them… We have moral support to their demands,’ he said.  

He said the traffic rules will be strengthened and an amendment to the existing road transport law will bring harsher punishments to the errant drivers, he said adding that the tendency of violating traffic rule by influentials would be dealt with heavy hands.

The DMP boss urged the protesters to return to classrooms and said now is the time to end their movement as everyone is recognising the rationale of their movement.

Asaduzzman said that certain groups are now out to divert the students’ movement to other directions to realize their vested interests. He said intelligence report, social media posts and information from different sources indicate the evil attempt.

‘We are very much concerned about the security of the students as vested groups are infiltrating into their just movement to create violence,’ he said citing a report of sudden rise in the sale of school uniform at the middle of the year.

He also said that misleading and inflammatory posts were being shared on the social media that were attempting to spark discord.

‘Amid such instigation, police are carrying out their duties and responsibilities peacefully with sincerity,’ he added.

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