Helmeted goons, police attack protesters at Jigatala

04 Aug,2018


Several people were injured when a group of stick-wielding youths wearing helmets and police attacked the student protesters at in Dhanmondi on Saturday afternoon.

The incident took place around 1:00pm when a group of youths, some of them wearing helmets, swooped on the protesters with stick that left some of the students injured.

In retaliation, the protesters with sticks and whatever they found near them chased the attackers pushed them into the Awami League president’s office on Dhanmondi road 3. A hail of brickbats also fell on the AL president’s office premises from the protesters.

The youths remobilized with more people and attacked the protesters again that left several of them injured.

Passers-by and journalists who tried to take photos of the incident were also beaten up.

The attackers also snatched away cameras and mobile phone and smashed those.

Police in armoured personnel carriers reached the spot at around 3:30pm and dispersed the protesters.

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