Hundreds of engineers deprived of appointment for six years in PDB!

07 Aug,2018

Erfanul Haque:

As many as 111 assistant engineers are deprived of appointment for more than 6 years because of the contradiction of former two Chairman of Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB) ASM Alamgir Kabir and Abdul Wahab Khan.

Recently,the matter was known through a written complaint filed by the participants to the the PDB chairman. They have requested for their appointment within 10 days of the written complaint. Otherwise they will ask for legal assistance. Through the written complaints and oral discussion with the participants ,it is acknowledged that on December 20, 2011, 111 assistant engineers recruitment notice were given by the PDB. During that period, the PDB chairman was ASM Alamgir Kabir. Later, on February 24, 2012, PDB took a written test under the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). After triumph in the written examination, 372 students participated in oral exams. Among them, 215 students of the Electrical Engineering Department, 115 of the Mechanical Engineering Department, 17 from Computer Department and 20 from Civil Engineering Department and 5 from the Department of Architects were present. Later, from May 15 to May 21, they participated in oral examinations. Even after six years duration, PDB did not publish their final results. In written complaint, it is said that the candidates did contact with the PDB authorities at different times because the final result was delayed, but they did not give a clear answer. The complaints of the participants, when PDB chairman ASM Alamgir Kabir was in 2012, merit list was prepared based on the written, oral and academic results of this appointment. After the retirement of Alamgir Kabir, his position was fulfilled by the new chairman Abdul Wahab Khan. while after joining,due to unidentified reason he overlooked the old appointment process and additionally, release new appointment of assistant engineer by the PDB. The PDB authorities published the circular for the appointment of Assistant Engineer on 2013, 2014, 2015, and on March 5, 2018. Latest, PDB took written test on July 20 this year. A anonymous acandidate, who was deprived of the job, said, “This is depriving us from the constitutional right by PDB authorities. Recently, we have informed the PDB Chairman about the written complaint. If there is no action, then there is no way other then take actions by the laws. “ Another candidate said, "Many people have been waiting for six years to get jobs and now there age limit already over. Alhough, some people are employed elsewhere but large numbers are still unemployed . They want to end this situation.” PDB chairman Khaled Mahmud said, 'I am not aware of this. However, if you want to know further then need to communicate with the PDB member (administration). ' PDB member (administration) Mohammad Zahurul Haque said, "I am not aware about the issue. During that time there was another person in accountability. After my appointment ,I accountable for the examination of last 20 July , 2018 . We have to look into the old appointment.”

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