US embassy’s statement unprecedented: Inu

07 Aug,2018


Information minister Hasanul Haq Inu on Tuesday came down heavily on a statement issued by the embassy of United States in Dhaka on the recent students’ movement for road safety. 

‘The statement that the US embassy issued it is very unfortunate.  As the United States statement, mentioned, no incident of brutal attacks took place on protests of children,’ said Inu at his office.

‘There is no such report on mass media. Children were in the streets in many areas, there was no brutal attack on them.  There was no real reflection of real situation in US statement,’ he said. 

The minister said issuance of such statement is very unfortunate.

‘By issuing this statement, US embassy took an ill attempt of interfering in Bangladesh’s internal politics going beyond norm. We condemn this,’ said the minister.

The US embassy on August 5 had said:

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