RAB to provide traffic updates on Facebook

18 Aug,2018

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) will provide highway traffic updates on Facebook during the journeys ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

The elite force will also provide reports on the conditions at rail stations and launch ports.

RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed said the force will be providing information through its social media accounts.

Benazir came up with the statement while addressing a press conference on Saturday RAB Media Centre in Dhaka’s Karwan Bazar on security measures for Eid-Ul-Azha.

“The general public will be notified of the conditions of the roads every four hours through the RAB Facebook page,” he said.

“This will help the public make informed decisions about transportation,” the RAB DG said.

Ahmed added that RAB will be providing special supervision to ensure that there are no issues on the highways.

 “RAB will be deployed for patrol at various points on the highways. They will work to prevent road accidents and clear up traffic congestion,” he said.

A security zone is set up across the country for the two weeks of Eid holidays, he said.

Ahmed also spoke of the crackdown on drug trafficking. Many people outside of the law enforcers’ lists had been found to be involved in drug trade, he said.

“We are investigating the matter thoroughly. No-one will be spared if the cases are proven,” he said.

An investigation into the death of Cox’s Bazar Municipal Councillor Ekramul Haque in an alleged shootout is underway, he said.

 “It would not be proper to discuss the topic further as the investigation is ongoing,” the RAB chief said.

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