Six films to hit cinemas this Eid-ul-Azha

19 Aug,2018

BDchronicle: Four local and two Hollywood films are going to hit cinemas across the country to entertain film lovers during Eid-ul-Azha celebrations.
The local films are Wajed Ali Sumon’s Captain Khan, Raja Chanda’s Beporoya, Wajed Ali Sumon’s Mone Rekho and Mustafizur Rahman Manik’s Zannat.
Besides, two Hollywood action films- Mile 22 and Alpha- will be released by Star Cineplex on Eid day simultaneously with their release in the USA.
Among the four local films, it is expected that Shakib Khan-starrer Captain Khan and Roshan-starrer Beporoya will hit the maximum number of cinemas and dominate the box office.
Shakib Khan, who dominated Eid cinemas with multiple films in the previous years, is happy that only one film starring him is being released this Eid.
‘Every year, during Eid festivals, two or three films starring me used to hit cinemas, which I did not like personally. I am happy that only one film starring me is going to be released this Eid’, Shakib Khan told the press.
Shakib Khan will act opposite Shabnam Bubly in the action film, which also stars Misha Sawdagar, Amit Hasan and others.
The film, however, has already been criticised to be a remake of Tamil film Anjaan (2014).
Production house of Captain Khan Shapla Media is planning to release the film at around 200 cinemas. 
‘There is a huge demand among cinema owners to screen Captain Khan during Eid-ul-Azha. We have already booked over 100 cinemas and hope to get 200 cinemas in total’, said Selim Khan, chief of Shapla Media. 
Indian director Raja Chanda’s Beporoya is another big-budget film produced by Jaaz Multimedia. Starring Roshan and Bobby in the lead roles, the romantic action film will be released at nearly 100 cinemas.
‘We received a good response after the teaser of the film was released on youtube. I hope viewers will find the romantic action film entertaining’, said actress Bobby.
Members of Bangladesh Film Directors Association have raised concern over the release of Beporoya in Eid-ul-Azha as the film’s director is not a member of the association.
‘There is no rule stating that a maker has to be a member of film directors association for releasing films in local cinemas. Many makers, who were not members of the association, have released films in the past’, said producer of the film Abdul Aziz. 
Another popular actress Mahiya Mahi will be seen in two films- Wajed Ali Sumon’s Mone Rekho and Mustafizur Rahman Manik’s Zannat. 
In Mone Rekho Mahi has paired up with Indian actor Bony Sengupta and in Zannat the actress will be seen opposite Saimon Sadiq. Both Zannat and Mone Rekho are romantic films. 
‘Producers, directors, booking agents and exhibitors are busy finalising last minute deals to screen the Eid films’, said Mia Alauddin, advisor of Bangladesh Film Exhibitors Association.
Around 340 cinemas will remain open across the country this Eid, added Alauddin.

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