Safety first

19 Aug,2018



These are more important than the don'ts for a simple reason — they are true for every traveller irrespective of the season or the country. The guidelines for travelling are general and more of a matter of judgement, a civil affair rather than a legal one.

There is little a man can do ensure a better mode of inter-district commute, but exercising caution can still make all the difference. The right mindset and preparation is key.


The sheer number of these can turn this into a book from an article. Once again, if you are aware of the do's, one never has to think of the don'ts. Circumstances often may lead to a situation where prudence takes a backseat, so having a quick read of don'ts on a regular basis can only do good.

1. Do not board any overcrowded transport. A ride on the roof of a bus or a train may give you an adrenaline rush, but safety should always take precedence over transient joy. Same goes for overcrowded boats.

2. If you are driving to your destination do not over-speed even if the roads seem empty. Travelling with your family and friends is a joyful experience but must never overwhelm good judgement.

Be alert of any speeding vehicle moving in the opposite direction; watch out for human haulers that often ply on highways.


1. If you have come this far reading the article, know this — there can never be any excuse for you to lose composure and violate traffic laws. Also, a valid licence and a clear understanding of responsible driving are only fair expectations, not to be trifled. 

2. Make sure that chauffeurs you hire have legal permits to drive, and understand not only traffic laws but also the dos and don'ts that you abide by. How foolish can it be to entrust your loved ones to a reckless driver?

3. Whether you drive yourself or employ someone careful, teach children basic traffic rules from an early age. This is as important as learning the ABCs!

4. Review online portals of Dhaka Metropolitan Police and other Road Safety sites that can keep you updated of recent changes. This will not only make you aware of your rights, but also keep you informed of your responsibilities. Empty streets can lead to overspreading but like the way you expect roads to be free, so do pedestrians.

In your different roles in the society, be mindful of others:

1. If you have to cross a road, make sure you do it where could have expected the Zebra crossing, and use the existing foot over-bridges instead of jaywalking.

2. There may not be any option but to download a truck full of cement bags in an alley, but there  is no justifiable reason for not ensuring their quickest removal.

In case of an accident, what better way to be a good person than stay and help out the victims? Your lonesome effort may seem futile in the mess that we are in. But one must consciously realise the power of one, simply because one plus makes two!

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