Poll-time govt must be neutral, says Kamal

14 Sep,2018

Jurist Dr Kamal Hossain said Thursday that the election-time government must be neutral and non-partisan.
While exchanging views with Supreme Court lawyers, he said neutrality of election time government would be a big question if it was formed by candidates’ representatives.
He said that the concept of non-party caretaker government was developed on the basis of the concept, ‘A contestant can’t be a judge.’ 
He was responding to a question whether election time government formed by ruling coaling members would be acceptable to all.

Kamal Hossain requested prime minister Sheikh Hasina to stick to the 23-point demand she had herself campaigned for as the leader of opposition in 2007 to ensure free, fair and credible elections.
He reminded Sheikh Hasina that when she was the leader of opposition she had herself raised the demand for holding elections under non-partisan caretaker government. 
Kamal Hossain said that the conditions put forward by Sheikh Hasina in 2007 for holding free, fair and creditable election were ‘still applicable.’ 
‘We had supported your demand. Now I would request you not to move away from your stand because now you are the prime minister,’ Kamal Hossain said.
He said that the original Constitution of the Republic stipulated dissolution of Parliament before election.
He said that amended provision of holding election keeping Parliament in place cannot be non-negotiable.
Kamal Hossain sought support to the initiative for national unity successful to ensure free, fair and acceptable election.
Kamal Hossain said that the initiative for forging national unity found people’s positive response.
He said that there could be no place for Jamaat in any national unity move because it had opposed independence of Bangladesh.
Dr Kamal Hossasin said that history testified that none could remain in power for more than 10 years.
He said that as Chief Justice SK Sinha had taken a bold move to strike down the 16th Amendment.
He said that one day the government would have to face trial for the way Chief Justice was removed unconstitutionally.

Supreme Court Bar Association president Zainul Abedin chaired the meeting for exchange of views.
SCBA secretary AM Mahbub Uddin Khokon moderated the discussions held at SCBA Building’s Shahid Shafiqur Rahman Auditorium.

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