Goods transports workers call indefinite strike from Sunday

06 Oct,2018

Owners and workers of all goods transports are going to observe work abstention for an indefinite period across the country from Sunday, demanding amendments to the Road Transport Act 2018.

In a meeting held at Tejgaon truck terminal, leaders of Bangladesh Goods Transportation Owners and Workers Unity Council announced their 7-point demands.

They demanded no case could be filed for road accident under section 302 of Penal Code, cancelation of Tk 5 lakh fine and make all road accident related cases as bailable.

They also demanded release of all arrested transport owners and workers, easy condition for taking heavy driving licences, an end to police harassment and overloading and truck terminals at different points.  

If their demands were not met they would go for work abstention from Sunday 6:00pm, said the council convener Makbul Ahmed and member secretary Md Tajul Islam.

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