'Tomari Matir Kanya' staged at Ganga Jamuna Sangskritik Utshab

07 Oct,2018

Dancers' Guild, an Indian dance group, brought Rabindranath Tagore's tale Chandalika to life in the form of a dance-drama at the Ganga Jamuna Sangskritik Utshab 2018. Their production, Tomari Matir Kanya was staged on the first day of the festival at the Jatiya Natyashala Auditorium of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.

Tomari Matir Kanya portrays the story of a girl from a lower caste named Prakriti (played by Shadhona Hazra). Due to the ill treatment she received for belonging to a low caste, Prakriti despised her life, until one day when a thirsty disciple of Lord Buddha, Ananda, came to her doorstep.

Despite warning him about her being an 'untouchable', he drank the water from her. Ananda's kindness helped Prakriti realise her worth as a human being, and after his departure, she was adamant to meet him once again. Desperate, Prakriti convinces her mother (played by Jonaki Sarkar) to bring back Ananda through witch craft.

Navanritya – a dance form invented by dancer and choreographer Manjushree Chaki Sarkar, beautifully weaves the feelings of need, desire and love throughout the dance-drama.

Tomari Matir Kanya was directed by Jonaki Sarkar. Dancers' Guild will perform in Bangladesh Mahila Samiti tomorrow, before they leave Dhaka.

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