Govt asks all schools to hold rallies on road safety

13 Oct,2018

BDchronicle :

Government is set to hold a massive awareness campaign on road safety by arranging rallies next to or in front of all secondary schools across the country.

Government took the initiative when number of road accidents and causalities were alarmingly high and road safety directives given at different times by the High Court, administration, law enforcement agencies and even by prime minister Sheikh Hasina failed to yield results since they were hardly ever saw implementations.

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education already sent directives to about 20500 secondary schools to hold a rally on October 22 with participation from all students and teachers to create awareness on road safety.

The directive also asked students and teachers to show placards inscribed with slogans to make people aware about road safety, says DSHE assistant director Jakir Hossain who had signed the directive.

We have asked all school authorities to arrange a rally next to or in front of their schools, he said adding the directive was sent during first week of the current month.

We think that awareness campaign will help students and countrymen help cognise road safety issues and inspire all to follow traffic rule, he added.

here are 1.03 crore students and about 2.44 lakh teachers at schools across the country.

DSHE officials said many schools in the country are situated next to roads and highways. Students need to cross these on a daily basis while making their journey to and from school.

In June 2016, highway police identified 292 accident-prone spots on highways including risky turnings, wayside feeder roads and trees and absence of traffic signs and symbols.

People’s death in road accidents, mainly due to reckless driving by untrained and illegal drivers, has become a daily phenomenon.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority data, prepared based on first information reports of the police, shows that in 2017, 2,513 people were killed and 1,898 injured in 2,562 accidents. In 2016 the number of road accidents was 2,566, that of deaths 2,463 and that of injured people 2,134, the data shows.

Lack of service roads, underpasses, overpasses and alternative transports is an important reason behind fatal highway accidents involving illegal three-wheeler, slow-moving and non-motorised vehicles in the country, road safety campaigners and experts say.

Reckless driving and lack of awareness on the part of the road users also play an important role behind these accidents, they pointed out.

According to World Health Organisation, in Bangladesh about 21,000 people are killed in road accidents every year.

Students, mostly from schools and colleges, took to the streets across the country campaigning for a safe road between July 29 and August 8.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police took assistance from students in recent times calling all to order on the roads in the capital.

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