DCJMUN - Shaping students as future leaders

21 Oct,2018

Educational and cultural organisation Drishty Chattogram recently organised the fourth session of Drishty Chattogram Junior Model United Nations (DCJMUN), a shadow United Nations conference for school and college students. Since its inception in 1992, the organisation has been working towards facilitating future leaders through different extra-curricular activities like debate competitions, recitation programmes and business idea contests. They started organising the DCJMUN from 2015.

“Model United Nations is popular in institutions around the world. We arranged this conference with the goal of facilitating teenagers,” said Masud Bakul, president of the organisation. “Leaders need to be moulded from an early age.”

The theme of this year's conference was 'People, Prosperity, Peace; Pre-emptive Measures in a Changing World'. A total of 250 delegates from 30 different schools participated in a discussion on major issues like the Rohingya crisis, instability of oil prices in the global market and Sustainable Development Goals.

Students represented their respective countries as delegates during the conference. They discussed the topics, analysed the problems, reviewed and defended different proposals, voted on the new proposals and so on. They also received lessons on international diplomacy through interactions and dialogue during the conference.

“Through seeking attention of world leaders to put a stop to oppression on minorities and calling on the global community to safeguard human rights for the citizens of Syria, the delegates emerge as global citizens prepared to fight for humanity in the future,” said Masud Bakul.

The conference was incredibly helpful and productive for the participating students. Next year, Drishty Chattogram hopes to organise the conference on a larger scale, with international participants.

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