Art for passion’s sake at ‘Carousel of Chaos’

28 Aug,2016


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Seven young and promising artists put up their works for exhibition in the city on August 26-27, titled ‘Carousel of Chaos’.

Not restricting themselves to mere artworks, several merchandise, accessories and memorabilia were up for sale, the likes of which ranged from various themes such as Impressionism, Surrealism, Realism and others.

It was an eye-opener for visitors, not to mention a first-time exhibiting for all the artists, namely Inaka Mahmud, Tanvir Ahmed, Humairah Shams, Nudrat Khan, Marzana Mahmood, Kaynat Chowdhury and Farhia Haque.

‘I have brought a wide lineup of art prints, bookmarks, mugs, bags and several other products – most of which are derived from my love for calligraphy,’ said Humaira Shams, one of the artists.

Humaira, who billing herself as ‘The Left-Handed Wildflower’, was initially skeptical about the kind of reaction she would receive, but breathed a sigh of relief after garnering lots of appreciative response from the audience.

Another debutante, Tanvir Ahmed, had ten of his acrylic artworks up for display and potential sale. But his love for painting has taken him on a journey of self-revelation.

‘It was what I loved to do ever since I was young,’ he said, ‘although people in this country take up painting more as a hobby, it was not my case.’

A fan of Van Gogh and Monet’s artworks, Tanvir expressed his aura of simplicity through his paintings. ‘I believe my paintings should reflect me as a person.’

One of the co-organisers and participants of the exhibition, Inaka Mahmud, had similar sentiments growing up with a flair for all things art.

‘I grew up in a family where my aunt was an artist,’ she recollected, ‘I even took Art as an academic subject in my O/A Levels, which helped me to hone my craft.’

Not limiting herself to any genres, she resorts herself to experimenting with floral motifs, galaxies and lastly women – as her way of paying tribute to the fairer sex.

A closet artist initially, her friends inspired her to consider exhibiting her artworks, along with more-than-favourable responses from her Instagram account, where she regularly posts samples of her artwork.

‘It is amazing to witness my first ever exhibition,’ Inaka added, ‘I intend to continue pursuing my love for art, as well as honing my skills.’

It was a sentiment echoed by all the artists in the exhibition.

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