What to do if you lose your NID card

29 Aug,2016


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

The use of our National Identification (NID) Card is becoming more and more essential for Bangladeshis, as they are similar to social security cards or passports, which are equally important in other countries.

If you lose your NID card due to theft, misplacement or any other mishap, it goes without saying that you are in deep trouble. But not to worry, it is not the end of the world. You have to issue a new one as soon as possible, because you need it for almost every application process available and necessary in this country.

Although red tape bureaucracy still prevails in our government offices, it is not as scary as depicted in popular media and Bollywood, at least not like before.

Given below are some simple steps on how you can get your new ID card:

•    You need to file a general diary (GD) at the local police station, as proof of your card going missing

•    Then you will have to retrieve and fill up a ‘Lost ID Card Form’ from the NID Registration Wing, located in Agargaon, at the Islamic Foundation building’s ground floor

•    The processing fee for the whole process is Tk 368, which you need to pay via Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking. You will have to mention the Transaction ID (TRX) number on the form as proof of payment. The fee is for urgent issuing, but if you want it free of cost, it would take ten to thirty working days

•    Add a photocopy of the general diary along with the form

•    Submit the form at the same place where you retrieved it, which only takes Lost Forms every working day before 12 noon

•    Voila, you will receive your ID card the same day you submitted the form after 1pm.

Reference – National Identity Registration Wing, Election Commission Bangladesh

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