Monetization for long videos of Facebook launched in Bangladesh

07 Nov,2018

BDchronicle :

Publishers and content creators of Bangladesh from today can join Ad Breaks and monetize their longer-form videos on Facebook.

"Today's launch continues our global expansion to more languages and more countries as we continue to find ways to support publishers and creators globally as they make and upload great videos for their engaged audiences on Facebook," reads a press release by Benchmark PR.

Benchmark PR is the public relations partner of Facebook in Bangladesh.

Publishers and creators can visit, Creator Studio or their Page Video Insights to join Ad Breaks, it said.

On these destinations, those that do not yet meet the eligibility criteria can view a graphical representation of their Facebook followers, video views, and Monetization Eligibility Standard compliance to track each Page's progress towards qualifying.

To provide greater transparency into Monetization Eligibility Standard compliance, publishers and creators can access a new visualization in Creator Studio that indicates if policy violations are impacting their eligibility for or ongoing ability to monetize on Facebook.

They can also see a list of some of these violations, and in some cases submit an appeal directly from the list, the press release said.

Once publishers and creators qualify for Ad Breaks, they can onboard and begin inserting placements for ads in their videos. We are also introducing the ability for Pages to bulk upload large numbers of videos, so they can easily build up their Facebook video presence and earn money for their qualifying back catalogue.

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