Citizens’ platform asks EC to tackle poll time favouritism

19 Nov,2018

Reuters :

SHUJON, a platform for good governance, has asked the Election Commission to maintain the highest alertness since election is being held while a party is in power. The call was made on Monday, 19 November, at a press conference held at the National Press Club.


In a written statement, central convener of SHUJON, Dilip Kumar Sarkar, said: in recent times, several acts of the law enforcers were under question and to avert law enforcing agencies from being swayed by the party in power, the EC has to maintain the utmost care to ensure neutrality.


Some candidates of the election will ask for votes while they are still in position and others will ask for votes from the position of a commoner; therefore, the EC has to ensure that those in power do not abuse their position, the statement read.


SHUJON’s secretary, Dr Badiul Alam Mazumdar, says: the EC had a proper election in Rangpur but since the national polls is being held with the government in power, it has to be very cautious that the ruling party does not get any special privilege.


Past history shows that government in power during election always wins; later, these victories have often been questioned, he commented.

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