Govt announces Tk 8,000 as minimum wage

27 Nov,2018


The government has finally announced Tk 8,000 as the minimum wage for readymade garment workers as per the recommendations of the minimum wage board.

The labour ministry on Sunday issued a gazette notification announcing the new wages all apparel workers in seven grades and employees in four grades with effect from December 1.
The government set Tk 5,975 as the monthly gross pay for apprentice workers with a provision of a three-month apprenticeship. 
The government also made a provision of 5 per cent yearly increment on basic pay for apparel workers and employees. 
As per the gazette notification, the government set monthly minimum wage for the grade VII workers at Tk 8,000, including Tk 4,100 as basic pay, 50 per cent of the basic pay as house rent, Tk 600 as medical allowance, Tk 350 as travel allowance and Tk 900 as food allowance.
The government also set gross monthly pay at Tk 8,399 with Tk 4,366 as basic pay for grade VI, Tk 8,855 with Tk 4,670 as basic for grade V, Tk 9,245 with Tk 4,930 as basic for grade IV, Tk 9,578 with Tk 5152 as basic for grade III, Tk 14,621 with Tk 8,514 as basic for grade II, and Tk 17,504 with Tk 10,436 as basic for grade I.
The government on January 31 issued a gazette notification announcing the name of the owners’ and workers’ representatives to the board to review the monthly minimum wages for apparel workers. 
The wage board had published a gazette notification on October 8 recommending Tk 8,000 as the minimum wage for the lowest grade workers and sought written objections, if any, against or suggestions on the recommendations in 14 days.
Ignoring all the objections and recommendations submitted by the trade union federations and factory owners, the minimum wage board on October 24 finalised its proposal setting Tk 8,000 as the minimum wage.

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