Celebrate Falgun with Rang Bangladesh

12 Feb,2017


Dhaka, BdChronicle:


The season for romance, which brings renewed hopes of life, vitality and rejuvenation, is knocking at the door. The Bengali king of the season comes with the fragrance of colourful flowers. Each and every bangalee waits for the first day of Falgun (Pohela Falgun).


They eagerly wait for colourful celebration amid festive mood. The festivity remains incomplete without new attires, especially those unveiled by local retail fashion brand Rang Bangladesh.


They have brought a special Falgun collection with the theme of floral design. The body of the clothes has been ornamented with floral motif.


Designers ornamented every dress using various sheds combining three colours — yellow, orange and red.


For girls, they have brought Sarees, Salwar-Kamiz, Single Kamiz, long skirt-tops and Kaftan. For men, Rang has brought Panjabi, shirt and T-shirt while children are getting a new range of frocks, skirt, tops, Panjabi, shirt and T-shirt.


Block print, screen print, machine embroidery and handheld embroidery are used in body ornamentation of the attires.  


Sarees are priced ranging from Tk 700-Tk 4000, Salwar-Kamiz Tk 1200-Tk 4000, Panjabi Tk 950-Tk 1500, Shirt Tk 550-Tk950, T-Shirt Tk 450-Tk750 and baby dress Tk 350-Tk950.


Customers can purchase the new Falgun collection from any outlet of Rang Bangladesh in person or through online order. They also brought gift vouchers to share the enjoyment with dear ones.


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