Walton producing extensive electricity saving fridges

26 Mar,2017


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Walton is manufacturing and marketing extensive electricity saving Inverter Technology based fridges when environment friendly R600a gas is being used on compressors of fridges.

An estimated of Tk 3.6 billion of the customers will be saved annually as well as the huge gap between the demand and supply of electricity will lessen if they use Inverter Technology fridges, said a press release on Saturday.

Walton has recently started manufacturing and marketing of over 30 models of frost and non-frost fridges that use HCFC and CFC free R600a gas.

Analysis of the market of electronics products shows that the demand and use of the electronics products have increased due to the growth of per capita income, electricity supply and the availability of the technology based products.

Inverter, which is used in compressors of fridges, is the latest technology of European Union and the technology controls the speed of compressors through a motherboard.

Engineer Ashraful Ambia, Executive Director of Walton Sourcing Engineering Department, said “R600a is an environment friendly gas for refrigerators. The gas helps to save highest 10 percent electricity. But it is Inverter Technology which is only able to save a huge amount of electricity.”

Highest security measures have to take during the use of R600a gas in compressors, said Ambia adding that a very tiny leakage in compressor might cause devastating explosion or fire as the gas is very inflammable.

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