Bangladeshi family trapped in massive London high-rise blaze

14 Jun,2017

A Bangladeshi family has remained missing since a massive fire gutted their apartment building in London, media reports. Komru Miah lived in a flat of the Grenfell Tower with his wife, two sons and a daughter, their relatives told reporters.A deadly overnight fire raced through a 24-story apartment tower in London on Wednesday, killing at least six people and injuring 74 others. One desperate woman threw a baby out of a high window and a man on the ground managed to catch the child, a witness said.Flames licked up the sides of the block in the north Kensington area as 200 firefighters, backed up by 40 fire engines, fought the blaze for hours.Plumes of black and gray smoke billowed high into the air over the British capital hours after the blaze broke out at the Grenfell Tower where several hundred people live.Residents rushed to escape through smoke-filled corridors in the housing block after being woken up by the smell of burning. Some said no fire alarm sounded.London Mayor Sadiq Khan says many people will have questionsthat will need to be answered after#GrenfellTowerfire— BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking)June 14, 2017Witnesses said they saw trapped residents desperately shouting for help from windows on upper floors as flames enveloped the building.London Fire Brigade said the fire engulfed all floors from the second to the top of the block which contained 130 apartments.“In my 29 years of being a fire fighter, I have never ever seen anything of this scale,” London Fire Brigade Commissioner Dany Cotton told reporters“I am very sad to confirm that there have been a number of fatalities, I cannot confirm the number at this time due to the size and complexity of this building.”Listen to an angry and upset resident of#GrenfellTower. Anyone who lives in London will recognise this— EL4C (@EL4JC)June 14, 2017More than 50 taken to hospitalLondon Ambulance Service said more than 50 people had been taken to hospital. A witness said she feared not all the residents had escaped the fire. Some were evacuated in their pyjamas.“I looked through the spy hole and I could see smoke everywhere and the neighbours are all there. There’s a fireman shouting ‘get down the stairs’,” one of the block’s residents, Michael Paramasivan, told BBC radio. “It was an inferno.”“As we went past the fourth floor it was completely thick black smoke. As we’ve gone outside I’m looking up at the block and it was just going up. It was like pyrotechnics. It was just unbelievable how quick it was burning.”The cause of the fire, which broke out just before 0000 GMT, was not known, the Fire Brigade said.Residents said repairs had been made recently to the exterior of the block.Ash Sha, 30, who witnessed the fire and hasan aunt in the building who managed to escape from the second floor, said the localcouncil had renovated the tower.“One year ago the council renovated the building both externally and internally,” Sha said.“They cladded the outside and insulated the inside. The insulated material is very similar to sponge so it crumbles in your hand. This was just done to tart it up and match the nearby building.”The local council of Kensington and Chelsea, which owns the block, said its focus was on supporting the rescue and relief operation. It said the causes of the fire would be fully investigated.People killed in huge fire at tower block in west London. Read the latest in our live blog:— Sky News (@SkyNews)June 14, 2017More than 20 ambulance crews were at the scene. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said a “major incident” had been declared. Police closed the A40, a major road leading out ofwest London, while some parts of London’s underground train network were closed as a precaution.“There was bits of building falling off all around me, I scalded my shin on a hot pieceof metal that had fallen off the building,” said Jodie Martin, who lives close to the building and sought to save people from the fire.“I was just screaming at people: ‘Get out, get out’ and they were screaming back at me: ‘We can’t, the corridors are full of smoke’,” he told BBC Radio.Fatalities have been confirmed as a massive fire sweeps through a London tower block while people— Channel 4 News (@Channel4News)June 14, 2017

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