Vegetable and fuel prices double in Rangamati

17 Jun,2017

Rangamati, BdChronicle:

Prices of vegetables have skyrocketed in Rangamati since road communications have been severed by the recent landslide.

Ridge gourd, eggplant, pumpkin, spiny gourd, cucumber, carrot, pointed gourd, arum, long bean, potato and pepper were selling at Tk80, Tk100, Tk40, Tk120, Tk120,Tk60, Tk60, Tk70, Tk60 and Tk160 per kilogram respectively in the kitchen markets of Rangamati town on Thursday noon.

Belal, a greengrocer at Banarupa Bazar, told the Dhaka Tribune that a shortage of supply has led to the increase in vegetables prices.

A mobile court led by Executive Magistrate Syed Mahbubul Haque, conducted a drive at Banarupa Market on Thursday and fined a trader for selling vegetables at exorbitantprices.

The mobile court will continue its drive until the prices become stable, said the executive magistrate.

Many gas stations have been shut down over the past couple of days because of thescarcity of fuel. The few shops which sell are charging octane at Tk180-200, more than twice the original price.

The price of diesel however remain unchanged.Ismail Hossain, owner of Hill View Petrol Pump, told the reporters they closed up shop because there was no fuel.He said the landslide has disrupted fuel supply to the hilly district.

The fuel crisis has also led to an abnormal rise of auto-rickshaw fare in the district town.Selim, an auto-rickshaw driver, said there was no other way for him but to increase the fare because he had to buy octane at Tk180.

He alleged that Many auto-rickshaw drivers would not be able to bring their vehicles out of the garage from now on as the supply has run out, he added.

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