‘Vision 2030 is BNP’s vision of Bangladesh’s future’

19 Jun,2017

Dhaka, BdChronicle:

No, Vision 2030 is not our election manifesto. It is our vision of Bangladesh’s future. We welcome suggestions from everyone on how to improve that vision.

This is not an unachievable vision. We think it is very attainable and can be successfully implemented, unlike the Awami League’s vision that they call Roopkolpo 2021/2041. Theirs is an entirely impractical development plan, ours is not a dream but an achievable future plan for Bangladesh.

It is BNP’s dream to develop the private sector, turn one party rule to a democratic government and increase production in Bangladesh.

This vision of ours takes into account the socio-economic reality of Bangladesh because that is our responsibility as a citizen as we know we can successfully implement Vision 2030.

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