‘40 million unemployed’: Where does Raushon Ershad get her numbers?

14 Jul,2017

Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Opposition Leader in Parliament Raushon Ershad on Thursday asked the government to create more employment opportunities in the country,  as she said more than “four crore” (40 million) capable individuals remain unemployed in the country.

Raushon offered no source or reference for the figure, that would be quite the feat of calculation. The number of unemployed and the unemployment rate have always been difficult to arrive at in Bangladesh and its neighbouring countries.

The leader of the opposition in parliament had seemingly done a lot of reading before today’s address, but she was in no mood to give away any sources.

“The young generation is going down a wrong path due to lack of jobs in the country. Some 28-30 lakh (2.8-3 million) youths enter the job market every year,” she said.

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