BNP for constitutional amendment for polls under neutral govt

20 Jul,2017

Khulna, BdChronicle:

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday said the constitution will have to be amended through talks with political parties if it is necessary for holding the next general election under a neutral administration.


“The current crisis is completely political one, and it will have to be considered from the political point of view. If necessary, the constitution must be amended through discussions with the political parties to overcome the crisis and hold a credible election for the sake of nation,” he said.


Fakhrul came up with the remarks while inaugurating Khulna district BNP’s member collection drive at hotel here.


He alleged that government is making all-out efforts to hold the 11th parliamentary polls under Sheikh Hasina on the pretext of constitution. “But no election will be fair under her.”


Fakhrul came down hard on the Election Commission (EC) for what he said giving a roadmap for the 11t parliamentary elections for bringing Awami League to power again implementing the  government’s blueprint.


“The Commission has failed to earn people’s confidence as the Chief Election Commissioner is now talking in the language of Awami League that creating level-playing field is not its task. He has also said fair polls are possible under the current regime. So, how will we keep trust in the Commission?” he said.


The BNP leader said their party’s stance is clear that the next election will have to be conducted under a neutral EC with the help of an election-time supportive government.


He also said the Commission must ensure a level-playing field so that all parties can get equal scope for carrying out campaign and political activities.


The BNP leader urged his party colleagues to get ready for a movement to force the government to hold the election under an election-time supportive government.


He said the government is killing people regularly in the name of crossfire and carrying out repressive acts to suppress its opponents.


Fakhrul criticised the government for its obstinacy to construct Rampal Power plant near the Sundarbans putting the existence of the Sundarbans and its flora and fauna at stake. “The people of Khulna division will be badly affected if the power plant is set up.”


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