People won’t support any move against judiciary: BNP

09 Aug,2017

Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Voicing deep concern over the cabinet members’ ‘negative’ comments against the Supreme Court’s verdict that annulled the 16th constitutional amendment, BNP on Tuesday warned that people will not support any move against the judiciary.


“Some unguarded comments were made in the cabinet meeting about the Supreme Court verdict which is a matter of deep concern.  The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court is our last resort to get justice. The entire nation accepts when any verdict or observation is given from there,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.


He further said, “Now they (AL men) are saying they’ll create public opinion against the verdict. Are you going to drum up public opinion against the verdict which has reflected the views of the country’s 16 crore people? You won’t get people’s support to it. In fact, you’re making such remarks as people are not with you.”


The BNP leader came up with the comment while inaugurating their party’s member collection drive programme arranged by Jatiyatabadi Ainjibi Forum at Supreme Court Bar auditorium.


Describing the SC verdict against the 16th amendment as historic one, he said the government has no moral right to stay in power following the juddgement. “This verdict has depicted Bangladesh’s real scenario and its politics.”


He alleged that government has been in power in such an election where the country’ 95 percent people, even the Prime Minister, did not go to polling station to cast their votes.


Fakhrul came down hard on Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader for his remarks that BNP is trying to return to power depending on court and foreigners, saying his remarks are applicable for his own party.


“You’ve been in power depending on Khairul Haque’s (ex-CJ’s) verdict. People also know it very well that with which country’s efforts you’ve been staying in power. So, don’t try to make such comment about BNP,” he added.


The BNP leader said their party wants to return to power with people’s support as it did it several time in the past.


He called upon the lawyers to get united to establish a pro-people government ending the misrule of the current regime.


Fakhrul said their party is getting huge response to their new member collection drive across the country as people are spontaneously coming to their offices to be the party members. 


BNP standing committee member Moudud Ahmed said he has got utterly frustrated as the cabinet members voiced anger against the Supreme Court verdict. “I’ve also got panicked as they (ministers) said they would create public opinion against it.”


He said the ministers through their unguarded remarks against the verdict have exposed themselves that they do not believe in independent judiciary.


Moudud, also a former law minister, alleged that the government has reappointed ASSM Zahirul Haque as law secretary for two years without consultation with the Chief Justice. “If this is the situation, how there’ll be the independence of the judiciary?

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