Create skilled manpower, explore new markets for $5bn IT export by 2021: Experts

08 Dec,2017


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

IT experts at a discussion here on Friday suggested that the government take effective steps for creating skilled manpower and exploring new markets across the globe to achieve its target of US$ 5 billion export earnings annually from the sector by 2021.

They also said there should be collaboration between universities and the IT industries for producing skilled manpower for the sector as per its demand.

The experts said Bangladesh needs to work out proper policy and line of action to unveil the unfolding opportunities and get high volume of growth in the IT sector.

They made the remarks at a discussion titled “$ 5 Billion Export” at the Digital World 2017 at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in the city.

The ICT Division in collaboration with Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) organised the four-day exposition that will end on Saturday.

North South University teacher Dr Rokonuzzaman presented the keynote paper at the programme.

In his presentation, Rokonuzzaman said there are three basic opportunities -- increasing the factory production, expanding manufacture in higher value added segments and connecting to global software and service value chain --.for Bangladesh to attain the higher middle income country status by 2030.

“Technology can help increase our productivity and we should focus on it. The development of submarines connectivity has created opportunity for outsourcing for our youths,” he said.

“Figure out to unfold the untapped opportunities and don't follow the proven success to gain satiable growth and success,” Rokonuzzaman advised the Bangladeshi IT companies and experts.
Besides, he said the country should develop its education synchronising it with economy and market. “There’s a gap between the university education and the demand of the manpower in the IT sector. I think there should have collaboration between the universities and the IT industries for producing ready manpower for the sector,” the NSU teacher added.

Speaking at the programme, Maldives Deputy Minister for Defence Thoriq Ali Lutfi said it is encouraging for the Maldives that Bangladesh made a significant progress in the IT sector. “I visited some IT companies and I’m very much impressed seeing their progress.”

He said during his last visit to Bangladesh in 2013, he saw Bangladesh was facing many problems in the IT sector. “But this time, I’ve seen they solved most of the problems.”

The Maldives deputy minister said, “You’re much more fortunate than us as you have huge skilled and innovative manpower. This is why you’re targeting to reach the $ five billion annual export target from the IT sector by 2021.”

BASIS President Mustafa Zabbar said Bangladesh must need to produce skilled human resources to attain the IT export target of US$ five billion. “Our raw materials are human resources and we must focus on it.”

“Our university education must be IT industry-oriented to produce ready IT manpower. The University Grants Commission should look into it by redesigning the curriculum of the higher education. “The country will face a dire consequence if we don’t modernise our education system harmonising with IT markets,” he added.

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