PM urges int’l community to work for ensuring Rohingyas’ rights

08 Dec,2017


Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the international community to work towards ensuring Rohingya population’s fundamental human rights, including their right to return to their homeland.

She also laid emphasis on ensuring Rohingya population’s self-identification, citizenship and other basic human rights required for them to lead a dignified life.

“Bangladesh demonstrated the highest humanitarian goodwill by sheltering over a million Rohingyas who fled atrocity in Rakhine State of Myanmar,” she said.

The Prime Minister made the remarks on the occasion of the International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime.

“As a state-party to the Genocide Convention and the Rome Statute on the International Criminal Court, Bangladesh will continue to support the universalisation of these two legal instruments,” she said.

The Prime Minister paid homage to the memory of millions of individuals who suffered the crime of genocide through history and reaffirmed Bangladesh’s commitment to ‘never again’ to the commission of this heinous crime.

In the 1971 War of Liberation, she said, they endured an extreme form of genocide and in the nine-month-long War of Liberation against Pakistan, 3 million innocent civilian people were killed and more than 200,000 women were violated.

The Pakistan military launched the heinous ‘operation searchlight’ on March 25, 1971 which was the beginning of the 1971 genocide.

She said the 1971 genocide included targeted elimination of individuals on the ground of religion, race and political belief. The intellectuals were killed brutally.

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